Redleg Nation

Redleg Nation is a forum for intelligent, civil discourse about baseball and the Cincinnati Reds. The community deems itself to be an intellectual community and expects active participation from its users. It discourages repetitive and overly pessimistic discourse. Instead, it encourages new perspectives and sharing of personal Reds-related experiences. It also prohibits profanity.

The team’s name changed from the Reds in 1959 to the Redlegs. This move reflects the team’s desire to avoid association with communism and racism. Historically, the term “redleg” was used to describe poor white slaves in the Caribbean, but had fallen out of use by the 1950s. The Reds were originally known as the Cincinnati Red Stockings, a baseball team founded in 1869. They were expelled from the National League in 1871 for selling beer but reformed in the American Association, and stayed as the Reds when readmitted to the NL in 1890.

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