Alien Fireteam Elite Not Launching, Crashing & Freezing Error Fix


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  1. The root reason for the crash of Steam games
  2. Alien Fireteam Elite: Fixes
    1. Update the Steam app
    2. Update the game
    3. Check game files
    4. Delete Save Files and Steam Cloud Save
    5. Update Direct x and Visual C ++ payables
    6. Update graphics driver
    7. Disable Steam and Discord overlay

Play Alien Fireteam Elite? or facing weird crashes, freezes and other gameplay errors then it’s not just with you, many gamers have reported that the Alien Fireteam Elite is not launching from Steam.

Alien Fireteam Elite is an amazing Alien multiplayer game, where your main objective is to kill Xenomorphs (Aliens) and survive and complete missions.

Mistakes are very common in all Steam games, the solution to all fixes is provided below, be sure to check each working method that might work for you.

The root reason for the crash of Steam games

Every new game, including Alien Fireteam Elite when first run on your computer, checks the base drivers required by the game whether it is there or not.

The game still needs the updated drivers and other useful software needed to run the game. If the game lacks some drivers, it is obvious that it misbehaves or crashes while playing.

Make sure to always check the basic gaming system requirements to run the game and check if you have all the latest drivers running with support for the latest version of Windows.

Other ways to fix game crash are explained in the methods below –

Alien Fireteam Elite: Fixes

Update the Steam app

steam update

The basic solution to the game crashing problem is to update the Steam software, which is highly recommended if you are using the old version from other unknown sources. Make sure your steam is set to update automatically.

  1. Run the Steam app
  2. Go to the Steam button at the top left
  3. Click Check “Steam Client Updates”
  4. Ended

Update the game

elite alien fireteam steam update

The second initial step is to check if the game is up to date or not. Make sure to update the Elite Aliens Fireteam, even if it’s a small update.

The small updates we see in Steam are basically the Bug & Fixes update. So try your luck, if the game automatically repairs itself just by updating.

  1. Open steam
  2. Go to the bookstore
  3. Right click game
  4. Update!

Check game files

check integrity

This step is an alternative to the second method, you can also check your game files if you don’t want to update the whole game.

Steam will find any missing files and download them for you if they have been mistakenly deleted before or by your antivirus software.

  1. Open Steam
  2. Go to the library in the top bar
  3. Select the game and right click
  4. Go to the Local Files tab
  5. Click on check the integrity of game files
  6. After that just run the game!

Delete Save Files and Steam Cloud Save

elite alien fire team freeze

If the Fireteam Elite crashes then this method may help, you don’t need to reinstall the whole game again if this method works for you.

Sometimes game save files can cause crashes, where old data is stored. Make sure to try to delete this backup file once and try again.

  1. Go to Start and search for Run
  2. Type – Application data
  3. Open local folder
  4. To research “Endeaver”Folder and delete it

Disabling cloud backup –

  1. Go to Steam, Library
  2. Select Fireteam Elite Aliens
  3. Right click, go to Properties
  4. In the General tab, deactivate the “Store game saves in the Steam Cloud »
  5. Restart the game

Update Direct x and Visual C ++ payables


Using the old version or Direct x and visual c ++ drivers can cause many problems in games, they are highly necessary when you are running a game.

Steam auto automatically installs the direct x and other drivers, but sometimes manually installing these drivers can help you easily resolve this issue.

  1. Go to the update page for the Direct x Update and visual c ++ redistributables.
  2. Download both files (x32 or x64 bits)
  3. Install or update them
  4. Restart your pc

Update graphics driver

nvidia alien squad

Always keep your graphics card drivers up to date. The crash issue may be caused by the outdated GPU driver that you have installed on your PC.

So be sure to update your AMD or NVIDIA graphics driver to the latest version and avoid such errors.

  1. Go to the AMD drivers page or the Nvidia download page
  2. Complete the required PC specs there
  3. Click on the Download button
  4. Install the drivers with the express install
  5. Restart the PC

Disable Steam and Discord overlay

steam overlay

Overlays are useful if you play the game while performing other tasks as well, such as using Steam shortcuts, Steam chats, or other discord chat and audio.

These overlay features can affect the game and it is normal for the game to crash. Try to turn off the overlay feature once and see if the errors are fixed.

Disable Steam Overlay –

  1. Open Steam, go to the library
  2. Choose the Alien Fire Elite team
  3. Right click, go to properties
  4. In general, turn off the “Activate the Steam overlay during the game”

Disabling Discord Overlay –

  1. Open the Discord app
  2. Go to user settings at the bottom near your profile
  3. Go to Play activity
  4. Find the elite of the Alien Fire team there
  5. Click on Toggle overlay on the right side.

Do the same for the other overlay applications. Hope these methods fixed your game crash and other issues, if not make sure to also comment which method worked for you, it will help others.

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