Aliens Fireteam Elite Beginners Guide | Top 8 Best Tips and Tricks


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  1. Aliens Fireteam Elite Beginner’s Guide – For Beginners
    1. Aliens Fireteam Elite All missions:
    2. Game vision
    3. Your team of firefighters
    4. Weapons
    5. Story
  2. Tip 1: Choose the right class
  3. Tip 2: Leveling guns and stars
  4. Tip 3: ping system
  5. Tip 4: Challenge Cards
  6. Tip 5: Traditions hunt
  7. Tip 6: Use consumables
  8. Tip 7: Perfect Character Building
  9. Tip 8: Tactical opportunities

Aliens Fireteam Elite is a new PVE, multiplayer third person shooter game just released and developed by Cold Iron Studios, which is a kind of alien game, which first takes place in the alien universe.

Speaking of gameplay, this is really old school just like the old games that everyone used to play, the concept of aliens included in the game is quite amazing and makes users download and play this game.

This is possibly the best alien game you have ever played which is multiplayer so you will have the chance to play it with your friends which is the best thing about this game where you have to kill the aliens with the team to survive and level up.

Aliens Fireteam Elite Beginner’s Guide – For Beginners

Before moving on to the main tips and tricks, there are a few basics about the game that you need to know where you will get a feel for the game, your outlook, and some classes of players, which will come in handy.

Aliens Fireteam Elite All missions:

Game vision

In this game there are thousands of Xenomorphs (Aliens), which are a total of 11 types that you have to kill, each xenomorph has its own abilities or powers that are enough to kill you. Kill all those xenomorphs and survive the game and level up.

Your team of firefighters

To face off against these Xenomorphs, you will get your best team consisting of a total of 5 classes, which are – Gunner, Demolisher, Technician, Doc and Recon, each with their own abilities to kill aliens and are trained.


You will get over 30 powerful weapons as well as over 70 attachments that you can use in the game. Use these weapons in the game to easily kill enemies and xenomorphs.


The game is spread over a total of 4 campaigns with 3 missions in each campaign. Your main base is located at UAS Endeavor, where you can edit and prepare your Marines for the next campaign.

Tip 1: Choose the right class

alien fireteam elite classes

The first tip is very simple, it’s about choosing the right class for your team. you should be able to understand each class and its abilities which you can select later.

Choosing the right class is really important, you have access to a total of four classes at first and a fifth later which will be unlocked after your first successful campaign. you can switch between them before the mission starts.

So, playing a particular class will help you level up faster, which will bring you a lot of benefits. After completing the levels, slots will be unlocked on your perk grid.

Additionally, maxing out class will grant you access to their higher level perks, which will increase your abilities by a percentage increase.

Tip 2: Leveling guns and stars

elite star power fireteam aliens

The second tip here is Star Power, which is basically gun power. After you’ve upgraded your classes to the max, now’s the time to upgrade your weapons.

Use a particular weapon that you like, and the more you use that weapon, the faster it will level up while completing the missions. As you level up your guns, you’ll also unlock a new number of gun stars. Each star rating unlocks upgrades in this weapon.

Base stars of one to three stars generally increase tour stability and rate of fire. The pistol’s fifth star completely changes the nature of the pistol, with takeover and damage coverage, which are different for each weapon.

Tip 3: ping system


The third tip is pretty straightforward and easy to follow. Like other games, Aliens Fireteam Elite also has a ping system which is really useful in missions.

Ping your locations, weapons or aliens which will help you and your teammates to do the mission very easily and efficiently. So use this feature in the game and complete the missions safely.

Tip 4: Challenge Cards

aliens fireteam elite challenge cards

Upgrading classes as well as guns is really important, and we’ve covered that already, but one more tip that will help you level up using the challenge cards.

Challenge Cards work as a bonus card, which will help you earn XP and in-game currency which is really useful when leveling up.

Challenge cards are used before starting the mission, which will multiply your XP and the credit rewards will be doubled if you manage to complete that given challenge card. If you fail to complete the challenge shown in the card, you will permanently lose this card.

Tip 5: Traditions hunt

elite fireteam aliens tradition hunt

The following fifth tip is for lore hunters, which isn’t very helpful for most players, but yes, it can be helpful in understanding the game, missions, and a lot more.

As you play, in each campaign there are a total of 3 hidden Intel Coins, which you can collect while playing. which will be useful to understand the missions.

Tip 6: Use consumables

elite alien fire team consumables

This is the important tip on consumables, which you can check out in the Inventory section. When you complete missions, consumables are kept here if you are not using them.

So if you didn’t know about the consumables stored in your inventory, you’re not alone. So assign the consumables at the start of the mission that you could use during the mission.

You will need it, especially in the more difficult difficulties which is really hard to compete with elite enemies. Also, you can use these consumables in horde mode, which will only give you bonuses and rewards for upgrading.

Tip 7: Perfect Character Building

elite alien fireteam building

Building a perfect character is really important in this game, it might not seem essential if you play easy mode first, but as you level up and play harder mode you will find it really. hard.

The two things that are useful here are the perk grid and weapons. you can create any build you like, which syncs with the particular weapon in the perks grid.

Follow the same build which is the shooter grid. as shown in the picture above which is made to focus on the recharge speed. So take your time to figure out which character is building which particular weapon using the benefits grid and clear missions easily and quickly.

Tip 8: Tactical opportunities

tactical opportunity

The last tip we have here is Tactical Opportunities. Same as the challenge cards, while you complete the challenge before the missions and get bonuses, the tactical opportunities come in handy as well.

The set of three challenges will give you free rewards by completing small tasks displayed there. you can visit the Tactical Opportunity section by going to the menu and clicking on the bottom left.

Tasks have a certain time limit, so you need to be careful when the timer ends, so that you can complete them without being overdone.

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