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  1. Century game feature updates
  2. How do I download and play Century: Age of Ashes?
  3. Century: Age of Ashes release date?
  4. Century: Age of Ashes Review
    1. Game modes in Century
    2. Characters, Courses
  5. Our rating for Century: Age of Ashes

Century Age of Ashes is a new dragon fighting game which allows players to compete against each other on dragons. This game is a free online multiplayer (team) game. People really love the game because it is a whole new concept in the gaming market.

Everyone is delighted with the official release of the game, Over 250K registered users for the closed beta. The feedback from players on this game is absolutely wonderful.

The developers discussed the addition of new game modes, features and fixes suggested by the community. This suggests that the developers are really serious about this game and are working hard to improve the free play experience.

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Century game feature updates

Century: Age of Ashes features and game modes

As the development of the game goes along with the closed beta of the game, the developers have added new features in the Age of the Ash Century. Some of them are given below.

  • Balanced progression system
  • Matchmaking fixes
  • New exciting game modes.
  • Improved controls.
  • Training (free flight)

How do I download and play Century: Age of Ashes?

To play the game you have to wait for the next beta. If you would like to register, follow the steps below.

  • Visit the Steam page of Century: The Age of Ashes and add the game to the wishlist.
  • Follow the game page on Twitter to support them.
  • Join them discord server for the latest updates.

You will be instantly notified of the game’s arrival or launch and a new closed beta so everyone can play by following all of the steps above.

Century: Age of Ashes release date?

Century: Age of Ashes release date

There is no official release date given by the development team yet. But they said the game will be released in 2021, So this is something, we must not wait until 2022 to play this beautiful game.

Century: Age of Ashes Review

The game is still in the early access stage, but everything is so balanced with all the features of cosmetics, weapons, matchmaking. The creators of the game are working hard to develop the game for release in 2021.

The in-game matchmaking is so fair that it will only match you with players of similar rank.

Game modes in Century

  • Beginner mode – Players can access this mode up to level 10.
  • Free Flight Mode – The player can practice piloting his dragon, controls, fireballs, and familiarize himself with the mechanics of the game.
  • Skirmish Mode – You can play it after recruit mode, it’s a 3v3 battle.
  • Carnage – It’s a team deathmatch with a 6v6 battle. Unleash hell on your opponents.
  • Survival – Respawn is limited in this game, Last man standing with up to 18 players (3 teams).
  • Gates of Fire – Fly through special doors while holding the flag gives you points.

Characters, Courses

We have 3 characters in the game who can ride the dragon. More classes will be added in the future.

  • Skeldin windscreen
    • Trained to defend the continent’s largest kingdom, the Windguard is the backbone of the Skeld army. Order of knight-protectors, they use the powers of their mount to defend their allies at all costs.
Skeldin Windguard abilities
  • Ghost of Naerdor
    • Originally from the East, the Ghosts would be the only heirs to the first orders of dragon trees. They ride on mysterious spiked beasts, able to escape or cause death at any time thanks to their ability to hide in the skies.
Abilities of the Ghost of Naerdor
  • Svard Marauder
    • Free from any allegiance to any kingdom or homeland, Marauders are known as skilled poachers and ruthless bounty hunters. Using their mount’s ability to hunt down a living creature at all times, they never abandon prey.
Abilities of Marauder Svard

Our rating for Century: Age of Ashes

Century: Age of Ashes live review
  • We really enjoyed the closed beta, the development team is really nice and listening to player feedback. (9/10).
  • Century: Age of Ashes player matchmaking is very good (9/10).
  • The graphics are absolutely beautiful (10/10).
  • It still needs a bit of optimization, overall performance is pretty good (8/10).
  • The courses are perfectly balanced (8/10).
  • All the game modes added in the game are so much fun to play (10/10).

We like to give the game an overall score of 9/10 because the game is so amazing, fun and free. I hope the matchmaking will remain balanced in the game.

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