Cowboys Giants Highlights

In a Week 3 matchup against the New York Giants, the Dallas Cowboys came away with a 17-16 win. Rush and star wideout Eddie Lamb connected four times, including on the game-winning drive. But there were a few moments when the Giants looked like they were in trouble, and the Giants were able to hold the Cowboys to a field goal.

The Cowboys started off on offense and positioned themselves at midfield. But after Ezekiel Elliott came up two yards short on third down, Coach Mike McCarthy decided to go for it on fourth down. Kellen Moore drew up a play that looked like it could work, but edge rusher Lorenzo Carter got in the way of the play. He batted the ball up in the air and fell, bringing the Giants back to the starting line.

The defending Super Bowl champions had a rough start to their season, with a 24-17 loss to the Dallas Cowboys. The Giants have a tough road ahead. They’ll have to beat the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams to advance in the NFC East.

The Giants had a great defense, but the Cowboys’ defense was also formidable. The Giants’ defense blocked a field goal attempt by the Cowboys in the first half, but Dallas was able to respond with a field goal of their own, as well. But it wasn’t enough, as Ezekiel Elliott scored a touchdown on the next play, and the Giants lost the game.

Dallas is a young team, and they have some players who are just starting to get a chance to play in the NFL. But they’re still trying to find their stride and eliminate mistakes. They are good enough to throttle opponents, but they haven’t quite got there yet. In the end, they’ll make the Giants look bad.

There were several highlights from the game, as well as some big plays. First, the Giants sacked Eli Manning. Then, Victor Cruz caught a pass on his own and scored a touchdown. But the Cowboys got the ball back again. And the Giants couldn’t stop them because they still had two timeouts left. The game ended 24-17 in the end. It’s Dallas’ first losing game since 2004.

The Cowboys and Giants have been rivals for a long time. The Cowboys have won nine of the last ten meetings, while the Giants have won two out of three in the last season. You can watch the highlights of the game on 929 FM ESPN. You can also listen to the game online or on ESPN Radio.

The Cowboys have become 5-0 after beating the New York Giants. The win comes just one day after Dak Prescott suffered a serious ankle injury. The game also brings the Arizona Cardinals to 5-0 for the first time since 1974.

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