Deathloop – How to Unlock and use Gideon Fry Delivery Booths


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  1. List of delivery stand locations
  2. Gideon Fry delivery service codes explained
  3. How to find the code for the Gideon Fry delivery service
  4. How to use delivery kiosks to earn item rewards

Deathloop is an amazing high generation action adventure game, which has just been released and is available for Windows and Playstation, ready to play now.

In Deathloop you will find password protected PO Boxes or say Gideon Fry Delivery Booths. Which are protected by some sort of password or better say a four-digit PIN code.

These delivery kiosks are a great way to get or claim rewards for items. So if you’re having a hard time finding booth locations, this little guide is for you.

List of delivery stand locations

In Gideon Fry, there are a total of four stalls around Blackreef Island in the Deathloop. These can be assessed at any time of the day. In short, the location of these kiosks is shown below.

deathloop gideon cabins
  1. Updaam
  2. Karl’s Bay
  3. Fristad’s Rock
  4. The complex

You can choose your delivery location from the four above, where you would like your order to be delivered. But before going to the booth, you need a working code, which is explained below.

Gideon Fry delivery service codes explained

  • Before going to the pit locations, you first need a working CODE which you must use inside the booth which will give you rewards or indicate a useful item to get unlocked weapons like Back Strelak Gold.
  • The Code you find will not be hidden or you will not get it from written documents, Logs, or audio. It will be written on the board in big fonts so that anyone can find the code easily.
  • The code will be completely unique and will not be the same as the code of your other friends. Also, the code changes daily so you really have to find it yourself, if you try the same code as your friend it won’t work.
  • Also, if you used the code opening one of the four stalls, the code will automatically be saved in your discoveries tab, so you don’t need to remember or save the code once you have used this code elsewhere.

How to find the code for the Gideon Fry delivery service

death loop gideon codes

To get the CODE follow the steps below which will show you where to follow the path, so you can reach the destination where you will see a code written on board along the wall

You will find the booth code at Fristad Rock at noon and pursue visionary Fia.

  1. Meet at Fristad’s Rock at noon, after reaching the quest “Search the Fortress of Fias”.
  2. Go up to the main entrance of the bunker, where the Julianna Tunnel Blocking Antenna was located.
  3. On the other side of the Bunker you will see the cliff (seaside)
  4. There, eternalists defend the entrance to the bunker.
  5. Move inside the bunker and head to the window on your right.
  6. Find something useful (any tool) there to break the window.
  7. hurry Shift key jump out of the broken window.
  8. You will see a whiteboard, where the CODE is written

How to use delivery kiosks to earn item rewards

As soon as you get the correct code for the booths, immediately go find the booth so that you can redeem the code once before it gets deleted or invalid.

  1. Go to Stand location
  2. Enter code that you searched for.
  3. He will ask you to Select the delivery area near the neighborhood.
  4. Choose the item you want to be delivered – Battery, crank, cancel and turret.
  5. Now go to Delivery zone to get the rewards.

Also make sure you choose your order, as you can’t order another one there. If you order in the morning and choose a specific neighborhood for delivery, it will arrive before noon and be available for pickup for the rest of the day.

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