Destiny 2 Mods – Energy Accelerant

Energy Accelerant is a mod for Destiny 2 that boosts damage dealt by the player’s weapons. This mod will greatly increase the damage of weapons like Chain Reaction, Firefly, and Dragonfly. It’s a great tool to use for Titan mains who want to maximize their damage output.

It has been a staple weapon in Destiny 2 since its release. However, it’s a bit overpowered and has been given a nerf in Hotfix 3.2.02. Hopefully, Bungie will eventually rebalance this weapon. In the meantime, it’s still a great weapon to have in your arsenal, especially when it’s combined with other weapons.

Another mod to use with Energy Accelerant is the Ruinous Effigy. It generates Void spheres when killed and can be carried and slammed onto enemies. This mod also works well with many guns, including the Ace of Spades, Hung Jury, Fatebringer, and Firefly.

Titans also have a class-specific weapon called the Crown Splitter. This sword deals massive damage and can be combined with Energy Accelerant for even more damage. The Crown Splitter is another popular weapon to use with Energy Accelerant, and has become a popular choice for many Destiny 2 players. Its combination of perks is too strong to pass up.

Aside from the Breach and Clear mod, there are several other great mods for Destiny 2’s endgame PvE content. The Breach and Clear mod is a particularly good choice for raids and Grandmaster Nightfalls, as it allows you to instantly reload your weapon after hitting a boss or Champion. But keep in mind that this weapon will be nerfed when Season 15 launches.

Season of the Splicer is another great addition to Destiny. This campaign mode allows you to play the Vex simulation, and Mithrax, a Sacred Splicer, is able to decipher the data of the Vex. Moreover, it adds an artifact called the Paradrome Cube, which can be upgraded by collecting experience points. Additionally, Season of the Splicer introduces season-specific mods.

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