Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Review

If you enjoyed the first season of Destiny 2, you’ll likely be excited about this new season. It features a new Titan named Saint-14, who players are eager to meet. Unfortunately, the new season gives little attention to PvP, which has become one of the game’s biggest problems. However, it does introduce a new ritual weapon and a new mode called Momentum Control.

Taking the Season of Opulence as a precedent, Season of Dawn follows the same format. Players must fight the Cabal as they would in Opulence, and can use their weapons to destroy their enemies. They also have to fight the powerful Vex Gate Lords to destroy their machinery. In essence, the boss rush is like the one in Season of Opulence, with a few differences.

Season of Dawn is the second season of Destiny 2, and it will launch December 10th. It will bring a new artifact, a new 6-player PVE activity, and new weapons and armor. This new season continues the story of the game, and will also feature new activities, such as a new seasonal quest. The new season also adds new content, such as the ability to play with multiple characters in multiplayer.

Another major change in Season of Dawn is the ability to upgrade your Obelisks. These planetary objects give you a buff that lasts until you kill an enemy. Additionally, they increase your damage resistance when you are at critical health. These new items are incredibly useful, and hardcore players will find it easy to upgrade all four of their Obelisks. The new season also adds new weapons to the game: Ritual weapons. These are more powerful than Pinnacle weapons, and they offer great perk combinations.

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