Devour: How to Complete the Asylum map Easily (2022)


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  1. Find the Asylum Key
  2. The ritual altar
  3. find stacks
  4. find rats
  5. Angry Molly

With the addition of the asylum card in Devour, the game now has the biggest horror map yet, for you to go in search of some cultists performing their usual devilish rituals. But some players call it too hard to beat and Molly, the main enemy of this level, is too fast for them and ends up killing them and their team.

If you’re one of those players struggling to beat this big new map, we’ve got you covered. Here is a quick guide on how you can easily beat the asylum card.

Find the Asylum Key


You and your crew spawn in the map’s elevator. It leads to an abandoned facility where you will need to find the key to the asylum’s main door. For this, you need to be thorough while exploring the area.

There are several rooms with only one unlocked door among them, for your convenience, this one always has the key inside. Once you have collected it, you can now go upstairs to enter the main asylum.

The ritual altar


Once you’ve used the key to enter the main hall of the asylum, take the stairs next to the fireplace on your right, down to the basement.

There you will find the ritual altar and Molly, a creepy woman lying on a corpse-like bed. The place looks extremely scary, but fear not, because nothing will haunt you. Again.

find stacks

asylum15 1

Now that you are in the ritual place, you will find several batteries. These batteries will power the electrocuting machine. look for it fuse box located at the back of the room. This is where you will place the battery.

However, this is not enough to trigger the machine. You have to pull the start handle found nearby The statue of Azazel.


find rats


With the electrocution machine started, you can now start collecting the important ritual objects. In Asylum, like Farmhouse’s goat burning, you have to hunt rats and electrocute them by placing them on the bed of the electrocution machine.

An easy way to do this is to bait them with food. Rotten food is on plates scattered around the map. When you encounter a rat, throw the plate on the floor and wait for it to approach it and start nibbling on it.

You can then enter them by pressing E when prompted. Once you have a rat in your hand, you can place it on the shock machine by pressing E again.

Angry Molly

asylum11 1

Once you’ve pulled the lever and electrocuted the rat, Molly should now be angry, which basically means she’s entered Hunt Mode and will try to scour the entire map looking for you and your friends.

You’ll have to keep electrocuting rats until Molly is dead. Note that you will also have to fight wheelchair demons who are trying to hunt you too. You can use the handy UV light feature of your flashlight to burn them off. Click it right button of your mouse to use the UVs.

And that’s all ! Once you complete all the rituals, the hunt will stop and the level will be successfully completed. Now you know how to properly make the Asylum map in Devour. Good luck with your race!

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