Devour: How to Complete the Farmhouse map Easily (2022)


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  1. Start-up
  2. The backyard
  3. Storage supplies
  4. The sacrifices

Devour is a cooperative horror game, which doesn’t explain very well how you’re supposed to beat the level. The Farmhouse, the first map which is the first map you play when you start Devour, is supposed to be one of the easiest and simplest levels, but it is not.

It provides the introduction to Devour you need. So we’re here to guide confused new players on their first run through the farm.


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When you load into the level, you are spawned in the woods. You have to walk towards the iron door which does not open. To get through the door you have to jump on the barrel on the left and jump on it.

Then you can just follow the road to your right which will lead to the back of the farm and grab a gas can. Once you’re in the yard, back up further and you’ll come across an altar.

The backyard

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If you remembered to pick up the gas can, you can press the use button (E) to light the altar. Once lit, you can enter the shed behind and collect the cage key. Back in the courtyard, you should now find a cage with goats inside, which you can now unlock.

As soon as you unlock the cage, the goats inside will rush around the farm. Don’t worry, it’s supposed to happen. You catch them later.

Storage supplies

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You will find hay strips everywhere outside the house. We will advise you and your team to obtain some and place them near the entrance of the house. If you can also find Medkits, collect them here as well. Other than that, you’ll also need to gather Gas Cans near the Burning Altar before you start burning the goats.

Doing this really helps because you don’t have to keep scavenging for supplies later, which is especially difficult since the evil entity Anna keeps fidgeting the more goats you burn.

The sacrifices

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Now that you’ve accumulated a stock, it’s time to catch some goats. You can disperse and monitor them inside the rooms of the house. Once you see one, simply lay a strip of hay on the ground, which will cause the goat to stand still and eat on it.

You can now pick it up and carry it to the altar. All you have to do now is keep sacrificing those goats while fending off Anna and other demons with your flashlight’s UV light.

Note that when Anna’s eyes are red, however, you must crouch, turn off your gear, and keep quiet if you can’t run away. This is when Anna is in hunting mode, which becomes more frequent as you burn goats.

The last 4 goats are particularly tough so be prepared. After all sacrifices are made, the hunt will cease and the level will be successfully completed.

So that’s all you needed to know to beat Devour’s first card. The game gets a little intense at times, and if you can keep your cool, well, having read our guide, you can pass the level quite easily.

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