Elgato Wave Mic Arm review – Let the swinging stop

An excellent boom arm is nearly as vital to material designers as the microphone itself. Besides, if the arm doesn’& rsquo; t support the mic, it won & rsquo; t aid your configuration in any way. Elgato took this belief to heart with the growth and also launch of the Wave Mic Arm. We’& rsquo; re assessing with an evaluation unit to see if Elgato has placed sufficient into the Wave Mic Arm to make it the only boom arm material creators need to consider.

To assist you with both kinds of arrangement, Elgato has actually released two versions of the mic arm: the conventional Wave Mic Arm as well as the Wave Mic Arm LP (Low Account). I had the ability to review the standard version, which is a bit larger than the LP and different varieties of motion.


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    • 1.1 Specs of the Elgato Wave pickup arm
  • 2 As strong as they come
  • 3 Final ideas

From package to the workplace

When you open up the Wave Mic arm, you’& rsquo; ll locate the arm itself, a weight, different string adapters, a riser extension, and also an Allen wrench for every one of your tightening needs. It’& rsquo; s a fairly uncomplicated product with expansions that make it the most functional arm on the market.

Change is as very easy as connecting the desk clamp where you desire it, after that positioning the arm in the holder. Depending upon your place, the included riser makes it very easy for the micro Wave arm to reach the top of your screen if that’& rsquo; s exactly how you like it. Something to note is that if you want the arm ahead from below, you better choose the LP variation. Just a caution.

Specs of the Elgato Wave pick-up arm

Straight period
780 mm/ 30.7 inch
Vertical reach
750 mm/ 29.5 inch
Riser extension
150mm/ 5.9 inch
Lower arm size
400 mm/ 15.7 inch
Upper arm size
400 mm/ 15.7 inch
Workplace clamp
approximately 60 mm/ 2.4 inch
260 g/ 0.57 pound
Mic weight range
250 –– 1000 g/ 0.55 –– 2.2 pound

Once it’& rsquo; s seated on your workdesk and your mic is connected, you have the choice of utilizing the counterweight. What it does is aid keep your mic as well as arm positioning where you want it if the connected mic isn’& rsquo; t heavy enough to do it on its own. For example, utilizing my Blue Yeti X enables me to move the arm anywhere without the weight, and it stays. Nevertheless, once I returned to my Wave: 3 mic, that added weight was required to keep the spring arm from pulling up.

Lastly, there is a concealed wire channel to aid with the appearance to make sure you have less noticeable cables around the mic.

As solid as they come

While I’& rsquo; m absolutely amazed, I’& rsquo; m not exactly stunned by the ruggedness of the Elgato Wave Mic Arm. Once set up, it is there. The mic remains where you desire it and also you feel like an actual studio-level arm. I have the ability to easily change the arm up and down or side to side without feeling like it is going to damage. The best point is that it incorporates a springtime system as opposed to a hydraulic system. In my viewpoint, the springtime will always be the most effective technique over others for any type of kind of support with movement.

(Photo debt: Elgato).

To add to that, it doesn’& rsquo; t issue how much weight or design of mic you connect to it. It provides 360 ° & deg; turning and also won’& rsquo; t action when you position it. This implies it stays in location. You will certainly never ever feel like it might damage as well as drop your dear mic to the floor. Having one less point to worry about is always a favorable.

Final ideas

The Elgato Wave mic arm is as flexible a mic arm as you’& rsquo; ll locate it. No matter the area or placement required, whatever you need for a comfy experience prepares to go. Setup is a breeze and you’& rsquo; ll be back developing it in no time.

The $ 99 price is a little bit high for some, but it compares to other top-tier mic arms offered to material developers. It is an excellent quality arm that will serve any kind of purpose, which includes putting a camera on it as opposed to a microphone.

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