Everlasting Guilt Early Access — Is it worth it?

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Boss Rush games are something else. When combined with the concepts behind the recent Loss games, the result looks quite intriguing. This is the driving force behind the game Eternal guilt, which entered early access today. The game will likely be in development for another one to two years, and currently has six bosses included, as well as two levels for fighting enemies. The game has some really big shoes to fill due to its influences, and only time will tell. how it ends up coming together. So the question arises: is it Eternal guilt is it worth it in early access?

Eternal guilt is one of those games with menus and an overall layout that looks more or less like a placeholder. As the current version is an alpha release, that’s not too damaging, but the onscreen text used to set the stage when you start a new game might need major revisions, at least in English. You can choose to play the game in normal or easy mode. As this is a boss rush game, it’s far from a breeze over par. When you first start out, you are immediately immersed in a boss fight tutorial. Although this is a first-person shooter, it draws a lot of inspiration from games well outside that strike zone.

To begin with, your character is equipped with a sword which is used for parries and abilities. Many enemy attacks can be parried, including melee strikes and projectiles. You have two weapons: an assault rifle and a shotgun. You can freely switch between the two by pressing the q key, and both have infinite ammo that reloads after releasing the trigger for a second or temporarily depleting. You also have two abilities that you gain very quickly. One allows you to strike enemies with a projectile that damages them over time and chain this effect to nearby enemies, while the other is a three-hit projectile attack with your sword.

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Fight them till you can’t

Upon exiting the tutorial, you are dropped into the first hub, which takes you to the first level. The levels take you through a series of arena battles much like modern day Loss games, pitting you against multiple enemies who each have unique characteristics. There’s the enemy that explodes if you destroy his reactor, a big enemy that rolls towards you and leaves trails of flame all over the place, and a big man resembling a Spider Mastermind that slows down time when hit with your sword. . You’ll want to be careful of the rolling enemy as they feel overpowered and do a lot of damage. It can easily cost you half your life in one fell swoop.

But at least you can heal. You get four healing charges. By beating a level or a boss, you also get a skill point which allows you to buy a new skill, like increasing your healing or heal yourself for 10 if you dodge an enemy attack. Each hub has three bosses that you can beat in any order. Beating them sets the stage for the next one. As you might expect, boss battles are where Eternal guilt shines. These multi-phased battles will keep you on your toes.

The conception and ideas of the enemy in Eternal guilt are all commendable, but the gameplay doesn’t hold up as well. There is no weight whatsoever. Guns have no impact, enemies don’t really respond to hits, and your movement is also weightless, making you feel more like a floating camera with a gun attached than a warrior. As such, shooting and movement just feels cheap and unsatisfying, and these are the biggest issues with the game. Eternal guilt doesn’t perform that well either, with a highly variable frame rate at 1440p on a mid-range graphics card. Due to these issues, it is difficult to say that Eternal guilt it’s worth it at this point. If the developers are able to fix the issues, I could definitely see a lot of people enjoying what it has to offer.

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