F1 2021 Guide – MyTeam Tips for Sponsors, Departments, R&D and Earning Acclaim


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MyTeam is back in F1 2021 but it is not without changes. R&D has been more streamlined and there is more freedom on how you want to develop your team. First of all, you will need to create your avatar. Choose a car outfit and livery as well as creating a team logo. Right off the bat, there will be four Sponsors you can sign with and each offer a significant signing bonus as well as weekly income. Complete their objective for the season and you will also receive bonus money.

Here are all the Sponsors with their Signing Bonuses, Weekly Earnings, and Goal Bonuses.

  • X-Formig – Provides a signing bonus of $ 4.2 million and a weekly income of $ 280,000. Completing a full season earns $ 1.68 million in bonuses for the season.
  • RGB – Provides a signing bonus of $ 4.4 million and a weekly income of $ 268,8,000. Finish in 10e or better position in the constructors’ championship earns a bonus of $ 2.24 million.
  • Xenon Dynamics – Provides $ 4.5 million signing bonus and weekly income of $ 268,8,000. If you earn 15 Constructors’ Championship points, a bonus of $ 4.03 million is awarded.
  • Echo – Provides a signing bonus of $ 4.6 million and a weekly income of $ 263,200. If you get two points in a season then $ 3.92 million is awarded as a bonus.

You also need to choose an engine that will be subtracted from the chosen sponsor signing bonus. Keep this in mind when choosing one.

Leveling up unlocks another sponsor, although contracts are shorter. These can be viewed under the Corporate Referrals tab and will often be paid based on goals achieved each week. An example view includes completing all training programs, getting the fastest lap for a race, ensuring your two drivers don’t get a “DNF” and even just answering a few questions. maintenance. Go with those you are most comfortable with in a season.

You will also need a second pilot for your team and they will have stats like pace, focus (which is akin to pilot morale), individual praise, grade, experience, awareness, etc. If you are not satisfied with a driver, all you have to do is sign new ones via the Corporate Driver Market tab.

Let’s take a look at a few ways to get the best results from a season. Right off the bat, look for the group that has a particular specialization that you want. When asked about your preferred department in an interview, responding will rank that department, providing an instant benefit. Try to be friendly during interviews (as tempting as it may be to be mischievous) as they are a decent source of praise.

There are six key departments – Aerodynamics, which concerns rotational speed and maneuvering; Speed-oriented powertrain on straight descents; Durability, which affects the overall wear and tear that a vehicle receives; The staff, which influences the attributes of a teammate; Marketing for more boosts and praise when performing team activities; and Chassis, which governs the weight distribution and performance of your vehicle. Again, depending on the department chosen during interviews, you will receive bonuses throughout the game. Certain events may also occur, such as sponsors investing more money (resulting in reduced cost of points of resources) and must repair the installation when it is flooded (resulting in more or less loss of money).

It’s also worth taking stock of how many calendar activities are available each weekend, especially if the season is shorter. Look for the bonuses you need in certain places while also considering the praise of your drivers. Taking marketing in these cases can be of great benefit when playing for longer seasons.

As you upgrade different departments, you will receive more parts for R&D, such as crafting which increases the number of active projects at a time and generating resource points which increases the number of weekly research points. In addition to calendar activities and events, resource points can be earned from departments and when achieving different goals during training sessions. The development feedback benefit for your pilot also provides a slight increase in resource points earned and has three upgrade levels. Other perks include Social Media Team (which increases the amount of individual praise generated), Power Mapping (reduces engine wear), and Media Coaching (for more interview responses.

By going deeper into the R&D tab, it is much easier to access it than F1 2020. Each department is organized neatly and various upgrades unlock in a predefined sequence. As you increase the Spec rank, new technologies and features are unlocked. It should be noted that the development of some parts may end in failure and will require another try, although it often succeeds the second time around.

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