Fortnite: All Gem Fragments Location (Get All Shanta Styles)

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  1. How to locate Treasure Shards in Phase 3 of Period 1
  2. How to accumulate treasure shards in Fortnite Chapter 3
  3. Fortnite treasure pieces at the filling station
  4. Gem Fragments Outside the Seven Chests
  5. Treasure Pieces inside Piles of Earth
  6. Pieces of jewels at spots
  7. Gem Pieces at Named Areas
  8. Treasure pieces on the rivers
  9. Pieces of gems in the air
  10. How to unlock all Shanta edit designs and complete the Shanta quest

Fortnite Phase 3 Season 1 has simply been released, as well as there are a great deal of points being added to the game, this update was launched on December 05, 2021, with various time areas. Period 1 of Phase 3 is the 16th season and also players are obtaining a lot of interesting new material in addition to some major gameplay modifications.

There is an energetic quest going on in Fortnite which is “& ldquo; Quest for Shanta” & rdquo; which needs players to accumulate treasure shards at gas stations.

In this overview, we will certainly offer you with the precise places of the Treasure Shards in the Gasoline Station which you can quickly discover and also quickly complete the Shanta pursuit in Fortnite Phase 3 Period 1.


  • 1 Exactly how to locate Gem Shards in Phase 3 of Season 1
  • 2 How to collect gem shards in Fortnite Chapter 3
  • 3 Fortnite treasure pieces at the gas station
  • 4 Treasure Pieces Outside the Seven Chests
  • 5 Gem Pieces inside Mounds of Earth
  • 6 Pieces of jewels at sites
  • 7 Treasure Pieces at Called Areas
  • 8 Treasure fragments on the rivers
  • 9 Pieces of gems in the air
  • 10 Exactly how to unlock all Shanta edit styles and finish the Shanta pursuit

Exactly how to discover Gem Shards in Chapter 3 of Period 1

The very first base area for treasure shards is in-game gasoline station, see all gas stations to gather treasures. Every one of the means to get Treasure Shards, which are listed here.

You can locate treasure shards here –

  • — At gasoline stations
  • Outside the 7 upper bodies
  • At the crossroads
  • Inside the mounds of earth
  • At sites
  • At the docks
  • Named locations
  • Near the personalities
  • On the rivers
  • Airborne

In this post, we only cover the area of the gem fragment at the gas station only. Others we’& rsquo; ll cover later.

Just how to gather gem fragments in Fortnite Chapter 3

In order to find the Gem Shards, you need to understand the places of the gasoline station in Fortnite Chapter 3 Period 1. However, the map is now altered, so you may have a hard time discovering gasoline station currently.

We’& rsquo; ve noted all gasoline station locations on Fortnite & rsquo; s new map so you can comply with the path straight to the station, saving you a lot of time.

Fortnite gem fragments at the gasoline station

There are currently a total of 8 filling station places in Fortnite Phase 3, each location is noted around the map. Simply adhere to the mark and look for the treasure fragments there.

Treasure Pieces Outside the Seven Upper bodies

There are a total amount of 7 chests on the Fortnite Chapter 3 map, you can conveniently find the Treasure Shards by going to the areas shown on the map.

In order to discover the Treasure Fragment, go to the significant location where you will locate the chest door to enter. Simply go within or directly damage the wall surface and relocate within. Simply find a means to go down to the safe, making use of the stairs you will get the treasure fragment there.

Gem Pieces inside Piles of Planet

Several of the gem shards you can find underground the ground, mainly in the location where you see a lot of sand. These could seem complicated, yet you can obtain them easily with the assistance of their beautiful light which is blue.

Most likely to the marked place, you will certainly see the mark easily approach as well as hit the pile of dirt so that the gem fragment is presented.

Fragments of gemstones at spots

These are the sites where you will certainly obtain the Gem Shards. There are around 10 Gem Shards in complete in all locations integrated. Examine the marked locations on the map where you can easily search for a gem piece.

The locations of each fragment are discussed as adheres to:

  1. With gigantic cacti, on top of the rock
  2. south-east of the Joneses, behind the wooden hut
  3. West of the Joneses, in the center of the temple
  4. West of Coney Crossroads Lake, central island
  5. Northwest of Daily Bugle, at the top
  6. north of Drowsy Audio, outside the lighthouse
  7. At the top (North) of the Map, near the statue, entryway to the maze
  8. northwest of Daily Bugle, Behind the bush outside
  9. Northwest of Greasy Grove, on the toll plaza, near the blue flag
  10. South of Greasy Grove, on the power lines

Treasure Pieces at Named Areas

Follow the area noted on the map in addition to the guidelines below to get the exact area of the Treasure Shards in these called places.

  1. In Apartment Canyon, in addition to the rock (make wall surfaces to get it)
  2. At the Jones’& rsquo;, around the yellow box on the vehicle
  3. South of the Haven, under the water pool
  4. North side inside the Daily Bugle, at the extremely top of the rock (make walls or use a zipline to reach it)
  5. In the center or at the intersection of Conney crossroads
  6. Outside the Fish Stick Dining Establishment in Sleepy Sound (junction of roadways)
  7. North of the Shifty Wells, near the entry
  8. In between the huge wood stack, west of Logjam Lumberyard (near the “& ldquo; A & rdquo; of Logjam on the map)
  9. Outside the Taco Dining Establishment in Greasy Grove
  10. On top of the huge stone in the rough rollers

Treasure pieces on the rivers

Great deals of treasure shards can be discovered in the river, which you can collect quickly. The simplest way to collect Gem Shards remains in Rivers. You can easily see the glow in the river, which will conserve you time.

Directly adhere to the significant area on the map to get the treasure pieces. One of the most usual area to locate them goes to the crossway of rivers or under the bridge.

Fragments of treasures airborne

To get the gem shards in the air, you may require to develop walls to access them if possible or dive from the bus with the parachute complying with the significant location on the map.

Exactly how to unlock all Shanta edit styles as well as complete the Shanta mission

To complete the Shanta quest, you need to obtain all treasure shards each from one location, yet to obtain all of the Shanta styles, you need to find gems in all areas including the filling station.

Undergo gas stations and look for blue tinted treasures that radiate in this field and also go through it. Also, if you search the map, a symbol will certainly show up when you are near it, making it simple to discover.

  1. Go look for gem fragments
  2. Finding the gems in each location will make 1 quest complete
  3. Do the very same to complete 10 Shanta missions in total
  4. Now all shanta pursuits are full
  5. All Shanta Edit Styles will be opened now.

In this manner you can get all the areas of the gem shards in chapter 3 of fortnite season 1. Hope this assisted, if we missed out on anything in the article, make sure to talk about that message, which will help us enhance.

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