Have Got a Pitch Meeting? Here’s What to Do

So you’ve got a meeting with a decision maker. You want to be sure that the decision maker is interested in what you have to offer, but you also don’t want to rush into pitching them too early. The good news is that every meeting begins with a small talk phase that can turn into a longer conversation. During this time, you can build rapport with the decision-maker.

Before the meeting, be sure to practice your pitch. Make sure your pitch is short, but clear. Practice delivering it by testing it out with friends, family members, writers, and decision makers before you take your big step. It’s also a good idea to get at least six different people to give you feedback on the idea. Make sure that some of the people in your feedback group are from your target market, so they can provide you with feedback that will help you make the best pitch possible.

When pitching a screenplay, you need to have some experience in the business. It’s important to have confidence in yourself and have the gift of gab. You should also arrive early for the studio pitch meeting, as this will help you stand out. A lot of writers hate these meetings, but if you’re serious about getting a film deal, you’ve got to make these meetings. It’s the bread and butter of the screenwriting industry, so you’ve got to be ready for it.

Another great thing about the pitch meeting is that it can be funny, too. You can also use it to make fun of the industry. The first episode of the show was a parody of a pitch meeting between two movie execs. It was originally only available on Screen Rant’s YouTube channel, but it was eventually made into its own channel. It has even been referenced by Honest Trailers and Screen Junkies.

Another great resource for finding producers is attending trade shows. The shows are full of people in the selling process and you can often get a chance to pitch your show. Using an elevator pitch can help you get a hearing. The Writer’s Guide and Fade In Magazine are also good resources for getting contact information.

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