Genshin Impact: Fang of Watatsumi Quest Guide (Easily Protect The Ley Line Monolith)


Fang of Watatsumi is a simple secondary subquest of the Moon Bathed Deep QuestMany people find it difficult to complete the quest correctly. So I decided to create a simple guide that will help you do that.

The quest can be found on your map, you can see it on the top left up to Sangonomiya Shirine or you can open your quest list and quickly travel to the waypoint.

The sanctuary is completely sealed. You have to interact with it to open it. All you have to do is “Read the stone tablet with the fang”As can be seen in the image below, there is a stone tablet.

Watatsumi Fang Quest Guide

After reading the Stone Tablet, you should head to the “Ley Line Monolith”And click Activate to start the quest.

How to easily protect the Ley Line monolith

Protecting the Ley Line monolith is not a very easy task as there will be so many enemies spawning for 3 minutes. You have to keep dominating and killing enemies, which will help you reduce the cooldown even faster.

I will propose to you complete the quest with your friends or in co-op mode because the enemies are strong and they will keep coming for the Ley line monolith and start damaging it.

All you have to do is kill all enemies of the first wave except one Hilichurl Launcher. This will prevent all other enemies from spawning. It is enough to interrupt it after a few seconds and wait for the end of the timer.

protect the Ley line monolith

Make sure you don’t kill him even after the cooldown ends. Hope this guide has helped you complete your quest, if you have any questions post them in the comments below.

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