Genshin Impact: Fang of Watatsumi Quest Guide (Easily Protect The Ley Line Monolith)

Fang of Watatsumi is a basic additional subquest of the Moon Bathed Deep QuestMany people discover it difficult to complete the quest correctly. So I determined to develop a simple guide that will certainly help you do that.

The quest can be discovered on your map, you can see it on the top left up to Sangonomiya Shirine or you can open your quest listing as well as swiftly take a trip to the waypoint.

The shelter is completely sealed. You need to connect with it to open it. All you have to do is “& ldquo; Review the stone tablet computer with the fang”& rdquo; As can be seen in the image listed below, there is a stone tablet computer.

After reviewing the Stone Tablet computer, you need to head to the “& ldquo; Ley Line Pillar”& rdquo; As well as click Activate to begin the quest.

Exactly how to conveniently secure the Ley Line pillar

Protecting the Ley Line monolith is not a really easy task as there will certainly be so many adversaries generating for 3 mins. You have to keep controling as well as killing enemies, which will certainly assist you lower the cooldown also quicker.

I will recommend to you finish the quest with your good friends or in co-op mode due to the fact that the opponents are strong and also they will certainly maintain coming for the Ley line pillar and start harming it.

All you have to do is eliminate all enemies of the very first wave other than one Hilichurl Launcher. This will certainly stop all various other adversaries from generating. It suffices to interrupt it after a couple of seconds and wait for the end of the timer.

Make sure you don’& rsquo; t eliminate him also after the cooldown finishes. Hope this guide has actually helped you complete your pursuit, if you have any inquiries post them in the remarks below.

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