Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun build guide: Artifacts, Weapons, and more


        • Materials To conceal
  • 1 Raiden Shogun
  • 2 Ideal weapons for Raiden Shogun
  • 3 Ideal Artifacts for Raiden Shogun
  • 4 Stats on the best artifacts
  • 5 Raiden Shogun Team Compensation

ComponentsTo conceal

  1. Raiden Shogun
  2. Best weapons for Raiden Shogun
  3. Best Artifacts for Raiden Shogun
  4. Data on the most effective artifacts
  5. Raiden Shogun Team Compensation

Genshin Effect developed and also published by Chinese video game house miHoYo is an action role-playing game. This game is readily available on Nintendo Switch over, PlayStation 4, Android, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, iphone.

This game introduces the Teyvat region which is a huge globe including life and trickling with important power. Genshin Impact 2.1 simply launched on September 1, 2021, including new characters, The Inazuma Archon Mission final act, 2 brand-new luxury tools as well as more.

You and your bro have actually come below from one more world. Divided by an unidentified god, stripped of your powers and also in a deep sleep, you currently get up in a world really different from when you got here.

Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun is a 5 star personality from Genshin Effect who utilizes Electro Polearm. She is Baal’& rsquo; s ship, the Electro Archon of Inazuma. Raiden Shogun has long braided hair that goes behind his back and a bobby pin on his best side.

Her Excellency Almighty Narukami Ogosho, that promised individuals of Inazuma an immutable endless time. She is an SS degree character. The character role she plays is that of Assistance and also DPS. Here, DPS means Damages Per Secondly.

Her elemental ability deals damage every 0.9 secs and boosts the team’& rsquo; s essential ruptured damages. Her essential ability also works as an assistance capability as she can regrow the energy of her colleagues.

Finest weapons for Raiden Shogun

The The best weapon offered for Raiden Shogun is the Lightning engulfing. It has actually increased strike and also power recharge. After utilizing the Elemental Ruptured, you can obtain 30% Power Recharge.

Other weapon replacements are Skyward Back, The Catch, Primaeval Jade Winged-Spear, Favonius Lance. You can make use of these weapons as choices until you obtain the Engulfing Lightning.

Lightning engulfing
Strike increased by 28% of Power recharge from 100% base. You can gain an optimum perk of 80% ATK. Gain 30% power recharge for 12s after using an Elemental Blast.

Back to the sky
Increases CRIT price by 8% and raises regular ATK SPD by 12%. Furthermore, typical as well as charged strikes on opponents have a 50% possibility to trigger a Space Blade that causes 40% of ATK in DMG in a small area of ​​​ ​ effect. This impact can only occur once every 2 seconds.
Rises Elemental Burst DMG by 16% and Elemental Ruptured CRIT by 6%
Primitive Jade Wing Spear
On hit, boosts ATK by 3.2% for 6s. Maximum 7 batteries. This effect can only happen as soon as every 0.3 s. In possession of the optimum feasible stacks, the distributed DMGs are raised by 12%.
Lance Favonius
CRIT hits have a 60% possibility to create a small amount of important bits, which will restore 6 power factors for the character. Can only happen when every 12s.

Best Artifacts for Raiden Shogun

The very best artifacts offered for Raiden Shogun are the Broken Fate Symbol 4 Item Establish. You can virtually state that it is produced the Electro Archon. One more set is not suggested for Raiden Shogun but right here is the option.

The initial is 4pc Thundersoother, the 2nd is 2pc Noblesse Oblige + 2pc Rumbling Fierceness, the 3rd is 2pc Noblesse Oblige + 2pc Gladiator’& rsquo; s Finale, the last is 2pc Noblesse Oblige + 2pc Shimenawa’& rsquo; s Reminiscence.

Emblem of Broken Destiny
2-piece collection Energy recharge + 20%4 piece set(Advised) Increases Elemental Shatter DGT by 25% of Energy recharge. An optimum of 75% benefit DMG can be obtained this way.

Roaring fierceness
2-piece set Electro DMG + 15%
The aristocracy obliges
2-piece collection Essential ruptured damages + 20%

Data on the most effective artifacts

The choice of tool for Raiden Shogun is totally dependent on the player as well as the setup they choose. The main statistic of the artifact as well as its effect is completely dependent on the type of equipment you utilize for the Raiden Shogun.

For gamers that make use of energy recharge tools like Engulfing Lightning, Skyward Spine, or The Catch. After that their major statistics configuration looks like this:

Important price or damages
Energy recharge
Crucial price or damage
Vital price or damage
Energy recharge
Vital price or damage

For gamers that aren’& rsquo; t utilizing the Power Reload weapon sub-stat, their main stat configuration appears like this:

Power reenergize
Essential price or damage
Power recharge
Important price or damages
Critical rate or damages
Critical price or damages

Raiden Shogun Team Compensation

Raiden gives a secure Elemental Shattering Energy that, when incorporated with other gamers, can make a powerful composition. Concerning the make-up right here are the best Team Comps for Raiden Shogun.

Initial make-up: Raiden Shogun(Under DPS), Eula(Pity), Diona(to often tend to), Kazuha(Support).

  • Raiden Shogun functions as Burst Sub-DPS as well as assists in streaming Electro with his skills.
  • Eula will be the main DPS and also her damage will certainly be enhanced by Raiden Shogun with Super Driving.
  • Diona will provide guards and also healings for the long life of the entire team. It will also provide cryogenic resonance for added critical price.
  • Kazuha will collect adversaries as well as increase the DMG provided by the components.

2nd structure: Raiden Shogun(Under DPS), Eula(Pity), Yoimiya(Pyro DPS), Xingqiu(Support)

  • Raiden Shogun serves as Burst Sub-DPS as well as aids in streaming Electro with his skills.
  • Eula will certainly be the main DPS and her damages will certainly be increased by Raiden Shogun with Super Driving.
  • Yoimiya is utilized as a result of its large overload structure.
  • Xingqiu is likewise superb in the Hydro application. With him, Raiden Shogun can cause Electro-charged continuous.

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