Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island Guide – How to Unlock New Techniques, and All New Armor

Among the tourist attractions of a new open-world game expansion is the new tools, armor, and also capacities that can be opened. Unfortunately, Ghost of Tsushima Island Iki The expansion doesn’& rsquo; t introduce tons of brand-new shield and techniques for Jin (and he’& rsquo; s still relying upon his trusty katana), yet you’& rsquo; ll want to obtain them

just the same. Initially, let & rsquo; s start with the new methods:

  • Wind of Consistency –– Offered when discovering Iki Island. Make use of the directing wind to find animal refuges.
  • Wind of Focus –– Available when exploring Iki Island. Directing Wind is utilized to situate archery difficulties.
  • Steed Cost –– Award for completing the “& ldquo; Stories of Iki & rdquo; questline. Hold L1 while sprinting on horseback to bill via opponents. Uses Resolve, so see to it you don’& rsquo; t usage it indiscriminately. Spend more capacity points to enhance damage and lower general resolution consumed.

How to open all armor establishes

There are technically 5 new armor collections on Iki Island yet 3 of them are just brand-new cosmetic tries to find pre-existing sets. They must be recognizable by those who have actually played Ghost of Tsushima: Tales as these coincide armor sets based on Darkness of the Giant, God of War and also Sent by blood.

The very first is the Titan Shield, located in the Sanctuary of Shadow. Travel south of Iki Island to the Buddha Footprints area and also try to find high cliffs. As soon as you get to the temple, you will certainly find marks comparable to those of the colossi in the game. In order to address the puzzle, furnish on your own with the phantom armor as well as throw a smoke bomb. Stand in the center, await the cutscene to unfold as well as the armor should be your own. Again, this is a cosmetic collection and also consists of the Giant shield as well as the Giant mask for the ghost shield.

After that there is the Ghost of Sparta shield. Travel eastern to Iki Island and also search for Tatsu’& rsquo; s Ladder. Go south of the delta as well as try to find a shrine on the hill with white trees. As you make your way to the temple, you’& rsquo; ll see an ax encrusted in a neighboring tree that likewise has a handprint on it. To fix this challenge, placed on the Sakai clan shield as well as draw your sword. This will grant the Helm of War, Spartan mask, and also Ghost of Sparta style for the shield.

For the Yarhnam clothes shield (yes, that’& rsquo; s exactly how it is meant) you will require to take a trip west to the Bloodstained Shrine. Go to Cape Gonoura and also just before the vipers’ & rsquo; lair, search for a neighboring hillside on the coast. Along with a blood red moon, the temple is also surrounded by raven feathers. To start with, make certain you are wearing the Kensei shield. Next, you have to hurt Jin (but not straight-out kill him). To do this, dive surrounding wall surfaces and also take fall damages. When done, go to the shrine and recover health making use of Resolve. A cutscene will play and you will gain the Yarhnam Safety helmet and also Yarhnam Clothes for the armor.

Sarugami armor is acquired by finishing the Mythic Story “& ldquo; The Tale of the Black Hand Riku”& rdquo;. First off, you have to finish the mission “& ldquo; Return of a Raider” & rdquo; in the story. When done, head to Fuge’& rsquo; s Haven as well as try to find a guy around a campfire that discusses the armor. This involves searching for Kashira and after that Minato near Mount Takenotsuji. After saving Minato from the Mongols, you’& rsquo; ll most likely to his camp and afterwards have to travel eastern to the Thunderhead Cliffs.

Keep an eye out for the radiant water and also swim in the river up until you find a cavern. Light braziers until you get to a radiant pool as well as fight Black Hand Riku. Defeat him to assert the shield, although you’& rsquo; ll have a fight waiting for you when you exit the cavern, so be cautioned.

Sarugami shield essentially disables your typical parry and also transforms Perfect Parry right into a two-hit counterattack. Perfect Dodge will certainly likewise harm neighboring enemies, and home windows for both are slightly enhanced with any resolution gains. As the armor is upgraded, the variety of strikes of Perfect Parry and also damage dealt by Perfect Dodge enhances. At level 4, Perfect Parry includes 3 attacks while Perfect Dodge can blind opponents. The home windows for both along with for all resolution gains are additionally raised significantly.

The second set of shield is except Jin but for his horse. Head to Zasho Bay, situated to the east, and you’& rsquo; ll find a collection of huts. Listen to the story of Kazumasa Sakai’& rsquo; s horse, yet you & rsquo; ll be thrown out and need to turn to stealth to get the legendary story. Near the sheltered camp to the southern, look for the biggest wreck. Kazai equine shield will certainly be within. Outfit him on your steed to make the Equine Fee stronger and also raise your steed’& rsquo; s resistance to being tore down.

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