Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island Guide – How to Unlock New Techniques, and All New Armor


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One of the attractions of a new open-world game expansion is the new weapons, armor, and abilities that can be unlocked. Unfortunately, Ghost of Tsushima Island Iki The expansion doesn’t introduce tons of new armor and techniques for Jin (and he’s still relying on his trusty katana), but you’ll want to get them all the same.

First, let’s start with the new techniques:

  • Wind of Harmony – Available when exploring Iki Island. Use the guiding wind to find animal sanctuaries.
  • Wind of Concentration – Available when exploring Iki Island. Guiding Wind is used to locate archery challenges.
  • Horse Charge – Reward for completing the “Tales of Iki” questline. Hold L1 while sprinting on horseback to charge through enemies. Uses Resolve, so make sure you don’t use it indiscriminately. Invest more ability points to increase damage and reduce overall resolution consumed.

How to unlock all armor sets

There are technically five new armor sets on Iki Island but three of them are just new cosmetic looks for pre-existing sets. They must be recognizable by those who have played Ghost of Tsushima: Legends as these are the same armor sets based on Shadow of the Colossus, God of War and Transmitted by blood.

The first is the Colossus Armor, located in the Sanctuary of Shadow. Travel south of Iki Island to the Buddha Footprints area and look for cliffs. Once you reach the shrine, you will find marks similar to those of the colossi in the game. In order to solve the puzzle, equip yourself with the phantom armor and throw a smoke bomb. Stand in the middle, wait for the cutscene to unfold and the armor should be yours. Again, this is a cosmetic set and contains the Colossus armor and the Colossus mask for the ghost armor.

Then there is the Ghost of Sparta armor. Travel east to Iki Island and look for Tatsu’s Ladder. Go south of the delta and look for a shrine on the hill with white trees. As you make your way to the shrine, you’ll see an ax encrusted in a nearby tree that also has a handprint on it. To solve this puzzle, put on the Sakai clan armor and draw your sword. This will grant the Helm of War, Spartan mask, and Ghost of Sparta design for the armor.

For the Yarhnam clothing armor (yes, that’s how it is spelled) you will need to travel west to the Bloodstained Shrine. Go to Cape Gonoura and just before the vipers’ lair, look for a nearby hill on the coast. In addition to a blood red moon, the shrine is also surrounded by raven feathers. First of all, make sure you are wearing the Kensei armor. Next, you have to hurt Jin (but not outright kill him). To do this, jump neighboring walls and take fall damage. Once done, go to the shrine and recover health using Resolve. A cutscene will play and you will earn the Yarhnam Helmet and Yarhnam Clothes for the armor.

Sarugami armor is obtained by completing the Mythic Tale “The Legend of the Black Hand Riku”. First of all, you have to complete the mission “Return of a Raider” in the story. Once done, head to Fuge’s Refuge and look for a man around a campfire who talks about the armor. This involves finding Kashira and then Minato near Mount Takenotsuji. After saving Minato from the Mongols, you’ll go to his camp and then have to travel east to the Thunderhead Cliffs.

Keep an eye out for the glowing water and swim in the river until you find a cave. Light braziers until you reach a glowing pool and fight Black Hand Riku. Defeat him to claim the armor, although you’ll have a battle waiting for you when you exit the cave, so be warned.

Sarugami armor essentially disables your normal parry and turns Perfect Parry into a two-hit counterattack. Perfect Dodge will also damage nearby enemies, and windows for both are slightly increased with any resolution gains. As the armor is upgraded, the number of attacks of Perfect Parry and damage dealt by Perfect Dodge increases. At level 4, Perfect Parry consists of three attacks while Perfect Dodge can blind enemies. The windows for both as well as for all resolution gains are also increased considerably.

The second set of armor is not for Jin but for his horse. Head to Zasho Bay, located to the east, and you’ll find a cluster of huts. Hear the story of Kazumasa Sakai’s horse, but you’ll be thrown out and have to resort to stealth to get the mythical tale. Near the sheltered camp to the south, look for the largest wreck. Kazai horse armor will be inside. Equip him on your horse to make the Horse Charge stronger and increase your horse’s resistance to being knocked down.

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