Hitman 3 Gameplay Showcases Agent 47’s New Camera Tool


Hitman 3

One of the most attractive aspects of a Hitman The game is all about experimenting with Agent 47’s huge arsenal of tools and abilities and using them creatively as you dispatch your targets. As expected, this repertoire of tools will expand in hitman 3, and what looks like a pretty big new tool was recently introduced.

Game Informer recently uploaded a video showcasing Agent 47’s new camera tool. Using the new camera, Agent 47 can take photos of technology which he can then tamper with, obtain new details to use on his missions and contracts, and even use it in other interesting ways, like killing a person, taking a photo of their corpse, and showing that photo to one of their rivals to gain their trust. Check it out below.

Hitman 3 releasing for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, Stadia, and Nintendo Switch (cloud-exclusively) on January 20. Check out the first five minutes of the game here. You can also see the game in action in VR over here.

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