Horror Brawl: Terror New Battle Royale – Beginners Guide


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  1. About Horror Brawl: Star Battle Royal
  2. Horror Brawl Game Beginner’s Guide
    1. Characters
    2. Loot chests
    3. Player customization
    4. Graphics quality
  3. Horror Brawl Skins, Resources
  4. Rewards and challenges
    1. Awards –
    2. Challenges –
  5. Horror Brawl Pass

Horror Brawl: Terror is a recently released game, coming out on October 7, 2021, looks like a promising game in Horror Battle Royale mode, available for Android and Ios platforms.

This game will be less than about 200MB in size, which means that every device can run this battle royale game easily, without losing any performance.

Check out this review, with all the basic detailed information about this new horror game, which you should try in 2021.

About Horror Brawl: Star Battle Royal

The Horror Brawl is a new Horror, Battle Royale game available for Android and iOS devices. Developped by Keplerians Horror Games, if you haven’t heard it, the Kelplerians have also made other horror games before, such as – Ice cream, Evin nun, Mr Meat and more.

Based on the school of the Evil Nun saga, you will also be able to control the four survivors of the other sagas, also discover new places, secret objects in the rooms or the caves.

Enter the match, choosing a character from among the four in total, and loot houses, crates, caves in order to get weapons and health kits and kill rivals to survive to the end and win the match.

Horror Brawl Game Beginner’s Guide


horror brawl characters

The characters in the game are divided into two categories: children and horrors. You will have to choose any child in matchmaking who has different skills, choose the one you like the most.

These characters are taken from the other games that exist of Keplerians, namely Ice cream, Evil Nun and Mr meat.

  • Kids : J, charlie, Rebecca, William
  • Horror : Sister Madeline

Loot chests

horror brawl loot crates

In the loot boxes you will get various important items such as – Different weapons, loot, healing items and much more. So be sure to check every corner for chests ASAP to get the full loot in order to survive.

Player customization

horror brawl player customization

You can easily customize the look of your character without any difficulty. The options that you can choose for the players are: accessories, emotes, weapons.

Accessories – Choose the items the players will have, such as bags, a baseball bat, etc.

Emoticons – Use any main emote in the game, the base one that is unlocked by default is the Clap emote.

Weapons – The four basic weapons that will be available, choose one of them to customize your character.

Graphics quality

The graphics quality of the game is quite amazing, you will see three options in the settings, which are Low, Normal, High, Ultra. Make sure to choose the best one according to your mobile phone.

Horror Brawl Skins, Resources

Resources – In order to purchase in-game items, you will have default in-game currencies, namely Coin Packs and Gem Packs. Use them to buy skins or items directly from the store.

Skins – There are many skins in the game that you can purchase using Resources or Gems. Some of them are available for free by default.

Rewards and challenges

horror brawl challenges

Awards –

There are free rewards available by default that you can collect, some of them unlock later as the game progresses, while others are paid and can be purchased in the store.

The rewards are divided into three categories such as Rare, Epic, and Legendary rewards. which makes the understanding of each element by its category.

Challenges –

Daily challenges – There are daily challenges in the game, which you can easily complete in a day to get rewards, as there are only two or three challenges.

Seasonal challenges – These are the season-based challenges, which are long and come with challenges that take time and are available in large quantities.

Horror Brawl Pass

Horror Pass is the in-game VIP Pass, like the Battle Pass. You can get additional skins, unlockable with this in-game Horror Pass. There are currently two types of Horror Pass available for purchase:

  • VIP Reward (590 gems)
  • VIP Rewards + 30 Levels (1420 gems)

This was the new in-depth Horror Brawl: Terror Basic guide, which could have helped you as a beginner in the game, overall the game is quite basic and enjoyable and recommended to play!

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