How To Copy and Make Crosshair In Valorant (All Methods)


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  1. Copy of the reticle of pro players
  2. Reticle generator
  3. Valorant cross profile option
  4. How to copy someone’s crosshair in a match

Getting the perfect reticle isn’t very easy in first person shooters like Valorant and CSGO where your reticle plays a major role in tracking and hitting people with the right shots.

In this guide, we will talk about the different ways that you can set the perfect reticle according to your need and start popping heads of enemies and winning fights easily and rank the game.

Valorant has not officially provided any way to copy someone’s crosshair as CSGO offers custom maps where the user can easily get any player’s desired crosshair.

Valorant recently introduced the Reticle Profile where you can create multiple reticles and create a profile for them and switch between them whenever you want. Perhaps in the future, Valorant will also offer a custom map for the reticle like CSGO.

Copy of the reticle of pro players

valiant reticle

Many players like to watch how professional players play and tend to copy their style. The same goes for their reticle, sensitivity and game settings. Many users benefit from this and later make their own changes if they wish.

In order to copy a player’s reticle, you must first get the values ​​that they use for inline, outline, and point from their reticle section. You can find the crosshair on Google. Now just enter the games and go to the cross settings and enter the values.

You can also check out our article on the Valorant Superior Reticle by clicking on this link. Make sure to give this new reticle that you just updated some time and try it out in different matches and check if it suits your playstyle.

Reticle generator

Valorous reticle generator

The Reticle Generator is the best way to try out what your reticle will look like first before you change and spoil your favorite. This way, you can easily try out several new reticles and not spoil your original.

One of these reticle generators is the reticle generator provided by valofrags. You can click this link to check the reticle generator. Easily generate your favorite reticle and use it in your game.

Valorant cross profile option

enhancing cross-sectional profile

This is one of the best features this game has provided recently. With the profile option, you no longer need to remember your old settings if you want to try a new reticle, as trying a new reticle benefits your aim and improves the sense of the game.

Just click on your profile name in the crosshair section and you will see a new crosshair option created. Select the option and create your desired crosshair and save it. Now click on the same again, you will see different crosshair profiles.

How to copy someone’s crosshair in a match

Well, it can be a tricky situation where you find someone’s crosshair during a match, and you find that crosshair interesting and you want to try it out. It is quite difficult to try the reticle because you have no settings for it.

What you can do here is just ask the required person if they can tell you about line, outline, and dot values. If they’re humble, they’ll provide you with the reticle details and you can use that to create your reticle.

You can also ask them to say their crosshairs after adding it as a friend if they don’t feel like telling you in-game. This way you can easily write down their values ​​and do the crosshair easily.

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