How to Play Pokemon Unite in India (All Countries) Download


Pokémon United The beta version is released on Google play store for the United States and Canada to play. This MOBA is one of the most requested and anticipated games ever released this year.

Pokémon Unite is a free multiplayer MOBA game designed and created by TiMi Studio Group for Nintendo, Android and iOS. This game is somehow similar to other popular games like Wildrift and Mobile Legends.

If you’re a Pokémon fan like me, you probably already know what I’m talking about. I am a huge fan of MOBA games. Pokemon Unite is one of the best games ever made for free and it’s going to be popular.

TiMi Group has finally released a BETA version for players to test and report, so before they can officially release the game for all countries. They receive contributions from a few countries.

What is a MOBA game?

pokemon unit india apk download

In MOBA there are two teams of 5 players each (5v5) fight against each other, destroying buildings, structures in order to take control of the area and reach the main building so that they can win the game.

All players have different abilities to take on their opponents, teams have to farm the jungle, get loot and level up faster to be able to win against their opponents.

There are many games that fit the MOBA genre, for example: Wildrift, Pokemon Unite, Mobile Legends.

How can I download Pokemon Unite in India and other countries

You already know that the game has only been released in Canada and the United States for now. So for other countries there is no news or updates at the moment.

If you can’t wait for the official game to be released, don’t worry, we have a simple method you can use to download and play Pokemon Unite for free on your Android device right now.

Note: You cannot download Pokemon Unite from the play store just using the VPN because your primary Google account is located in India, for this you need to change your account location.

There is a very easy and alternative way for you to download the Pokemon Untie to your Android device right now.

Steps to download and install Pokemon Unite in all countries

Download Pokemon Unite APK and OBB for free 2021

  • Visit any APK download website that gives the APK away for free.
  • After downloading, install APK and OBB.
  • Now just download any free VPN from Playstore Select Canada.
  • Done, enjoy Pokemon Unite on your Android device.

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