105.3 The Fan

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is the home to KRLD-FM, 105.3 the fan. The station airs a sports-oriented format. Its studios are located along the North Central Expressway in Uptown Dallas, and its transmitter site is in Cedar Hill. KRLD is a commercial radio station owned by Audacy, Inc.

The station’s format is focused on sports talk, but the program also covers other topics, including entertainment and lifestyle. Founded in 1994 by Rhyner, the station has won several national Marconi awards for its coverage of sports and entertainment. During its first half-century on the air, it maintained a monopoly over the ratings in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The station was the official Dallas Cowboys station until 2020, when rival 103.3 ESPN was forced to go off the air.

The station’s call letters have changed many times throughout the years. In the 1950s, it was KRLD-FM, a classical music station. In 1958, the call letters were KSFM. In 1960, the station went dark for a short while. Later, it resurfaced with an automated beautiful music format, KPSD. In 1962, Century Broadcasting purchased the station, renaming it KMAP and renaming it “The Sound of Success.” In 2007, the station was sold to Dawson Communications, changing its name to KXXK and changing its format to MOR music.

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