Killzone’s Official Website Has “Retired”


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Guerrilla Games delivered their best game ever with Horizon Zero Dawn, and the game’s immediate critical and commercial success made it clear that this was the IP they would be focusing on for the foreseeable future. This, of course, meant the slow demise of Killzone. 2013 Killzone Shadow Fall was the last game in the series, and since then it has completely faded from the limelight.

While many hoped the series would eventually return at some point (though Guerrilla was hesitant to talk about it), that now seems pretty unlikely. The official Killzone The website has been “taken down” by Sony and Guerrilla Games. The heading on the site now displays a message regarding the same (which you can see below), with Guerrilla explaining that although it does not affect the online components of Killzone Shadow Fall and Killzone Mercenary, the site itself will link to in the future.

It’s not necessarily a death knell for the series, but it’s by no means a positive development. The odds of Killzone coming back anytime soon seem pretty thin.

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