Monster Hunter Rise Demo is 1.6 GB, Doesn’t Support Save Transfer


Rise of the Monster Hunter

With new details on Rise of the Monster Hunter – including the very cool Wyvern Riding – Capcom has finally provided a release date for the demo. It actually releases tomorrow and features four quests as well as all 14 different weapon types to try out. Great Izuchi and Mizutsune are the monsters available for hunting, with the demo available until February 1.

More details courtesy of Capcom’s Japanese site. Approximately 1.6 GB of demo is required for the demo and there is a limit to the number of times monster hunts can be started. After reaching 30 quest starts, which may include completions or dropouts, the demo will become unplayable. Yes, even the Basic Training and Wyvern Riding Training quests.

Both single player and local multiplayer will be available as long as quest starts remain. But online multiplayer will be available until the demo ends in February. Although there is no save data transfer for the full game, players can enjoy a free item pack. This contains five booby traps, 10 energy drinks, 5 mega defense meds, 5 demon mega meds, and 20 mega jars.

Rise of the Monster Hunter releases March 26 on Nintendo Switch.

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