New World Won’t Offer Region Transfer for Players


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Despite a difficult launch, Amazon Game Studios’ New world worked very well. It had over a million players at launch and over 300,000 are currently playing on Steam at the time of writing. While the dev team tried to fix server and queue issues among other bugs, they stopped allowing region transfer for players.

Essentially, when players were facing connection issues in their region (due to the fact that many server worlds were almost full or at full capacity), they were told to create characters on servers for others. regions. There was assurance on Twitter that they could move their characters to the desired region once the server issues were resolved. So if you wanted to play on North American servers and then go back to Europe to play with friends later that would be possible.

That is, until the developer updates their FAQ on the same topic, noting that “Transfers are only available in your region, each region is a separate database and there is no not possible to reassign a character to a different region ”. He noted that previous statements to the contrary were “incorrect”. So, those who have already racked up a fair amount of playtime on their character in a different region will need to create a new one to play with friends.

New world is currently available for PC and will remain platform exclusive for the foreseeable future.

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