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I will never forget the first time I played No more heroes. A college friend had a Wii in his dorm and I spent hours working my way through the game. This same friend ended up ghosting me because I kept comparing his hairstyle to the villain’s hairstyle There is no country for old people. I still had a good time. Now the game is on Steam, which means PC gamers don’t need an emulator to finally play it. The game costs $ 19.99 USD, but the question arises: is the PC port for No more heroes worth it?

To avoid beating around the bush, this is one of those low-effort mega ports. At launch No more heroes, you can choose to play the game or configure your settings. The only visual setting is anti-aliasing, and you can choose between FXAA or a few levels of MSAA. Surprisingly, you can’t set your resolution at all. You can choose to run the game in full screen, but it is borderless and not full screen. Surprisingly, the game didn’t recognize my DualShock 4 at all and I had to use DS4Windows to play it. Not exactly the best start.

If you are wondering which version of No more heroes that is, it appears to be the Switch port that was ported from the Wii version. If you were hoping for some extra content from the PS3 version, Heroes’ paradise, absolutely none of this is available here. This release added some quality of life changes, as well as new side quests, missions, and boss fights. I would have liked some of those extras, but this version also had a smaller open card and some graphics issues. As such, the original version of the game is fine, and it’s quite enjoyable, at least for a Suda51 game.

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Although this is a PC port of a Wii game, No more heroes is surprisingly poorly optimized. Since you can’t choose your resolution, it just launches regardless of your desktop. If you change its resolution while it is open it will not adjust and will continue to come out with what it was thrown with. I first tried playing the game in 4K, but was caught off guard by the frame rates hovering between 25 and 40 fps. I had to close the game to manually change the resolutions. While trying to close it, I also found out that you apparently cannot do this from within the game. No more heroes must be closed via Steam or by closing the program manually.

Even at 1440p, things were far from great. While I often succeeded at 60fps, the refresh rates continued to plummet after killing enemies. The images fell steadily despite everything. I am using a 5700 XT and No more heroes is a Wii game. I should be able to run it at 4K and 60 FPS without dropping. Maybe it works better on Nvidia cards. Still, I am disappointed with most aspects of this port. It’s as easy as it gets, with the exception of the anti-aliasing.

But what about the game itself? If you are reading this, you have probably played No more heroes before. If you haven’t, here’s the skinny. You play as Travis Touchdown, a sociopath with a penchant for sexual harassment and gratuitous acts of carnage. He lives in a motel with his cat and is a fan of mahou shoujo animation. He’s also a hit man. He was convinced by a Frenchwoman to become the number one hitman in the United States. To do this, he will have to kill the top ten and claim their places. The game opens with Travis arriving at the home of the man holding the tenth row. And then Travis cuts off his head.

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That you will appreciate No more heroes“The mark of pure idiocy will depend on individual preferences. I’ve always had a soft spot for gaming. Suda51’s unique art style is in full swing here and the cutscenes are entertaining. The dubbing is still awesome. Listening to Travis’ monologue of Targets before he tears them apart still hits the same high notes as usual. It’s a wacky game that can’t be taken seriously. Just another testament to Suda51’s love of style over substance.

The gameplay doesn’t hold up so well. No more heroes was originally a Wii game, and all remote movement has been replaced by moving the right joystick. You will need to do this to load your weapon which absoutely is not a lightsaber. You’ll also use it for fast-paced events for melee fights, wrestling moves, and hundreds of guts. The controls are somewhat clunky and mostly boil down to running towards enemies, mashing attack buttons, and then pressing the right joystick to kill them.

It doesn’t help that the right stick doesn’t always translate as it should compared to the original version’s motion controls. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. You can flip the analog stick in the wrong direction and it will work, but maybe you will do exactly what it says and it won’t. It’s a roll of the dice. Travis can use high and low attacks, as enemies will often block one or the other. He can also use two different types of stun attacks that open enemies up to wrestling moves. His lightsaber attacks can also be charged. Finally, it can block and dodge roll. Combat is functional, but it is not a high level character action game.

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It’s also very repetitive. After defeating each assassin, Travis will go to the open world to collect money. He can’t take out his next target without paying a fee, you see, so he has to do odd jobs or take out assassination contracts. This is blatant padding. That being said, the ridiculousness of the action, setting, and characters in the game still keeps me very entertained. The port is disappointing, but at least it’s not too expensive. I have also wanted to see the game on PC for quite some time. The PC port of No more heroes worth picking up if you want to replay the game, but you might want to wait for both a sale and a patch.

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