ODG 4K Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

The ODG smartglasses can be worn like traditional glasses and can provide cinematic clarity. The device can also be used to play VR movies and other content. The company is currently partnering with 21st Century Fox Innovation Lab to provide an interactive augmented reality demo based on the Alien franchise. Those at CES will also have the opportunity to see footage from the Fox Sports, National Geographic, and Fox channels.

The ODG R-8 and ODG R-9 have fullHD and HD ekrans, a combined 50 stopniowe pole of widzenia, and one rowniez camera for 4K video. They both have an 80 percent ekran-to-pixel ratio.

The R-9 and R-8 are expected to ship in the second half of this year. They will cost approximately $1,799 and will target a light enterprise or prosumer market. Meanwhile, the R-8 is a more affordable device with a price tag of less than $1,000. It will also target the consumer market.

The ODG-OTOY System is expected to deliver a high-frame-rate 3D experience and a high-contrast environment. It will also provide users with access to live feeds of their favorite apps. The device will also support AirPlay and Chromecast. With the latest technologies, the ODG-OTOY system will be competitive with the most expensive headsets on the market. The device’s OLED displays have a high contrast and low-persistence, making it a great fit for use in both VR and augmented reality applications.

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