Path of Exile 2 May Launch in 2022


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Path of exile is getting huge content additions next week, but what about Path of exile 2, the “sequel” of Grinding Gear Games which acts as a new free campaign? Originally announced in 2019, it was supposed to have a beta last year but suffered delays. Speaking to PC Gamer, studio head Chris Wilson said it will likely launch in 2022.

Regarding the reasons for the developmental issues, Wilson said, “I hate to blame COVID for things, but that’s a big part of it right now. We have had difficulty hiring internationally as the borders with New Zealand are closed, which has somewhat hampered the exponential growth of our asset creation team. Development progress hasn’t been as fast as we’d like, so our goal is to hit as hard as possible in 2021 on Path of exile 2 stuff and see how much progress we’re making.

Wilson said the team is trying to do “as much as possible” and will provide an estimate for release by the end of 2021. As to whether it will launch next year, he replied: ” Yes, I think that’s correct.”

Unlike the next Echoes of the Atlas, which heavily revamps the endgame, Path of exile 2 is a more ambitious effort. It features a new seven-act campaign set several years after the first game and 19 new Ascendancy classes. Several major changes, such as the ability to easily link all items to six links, are also implemented, along with massive graphics improvements. As always, stay tuned for more details on the final release.

Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas releases January 15 on PC and January 20 on Xbox One and PS4.

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