Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Early Access — Is it worth it?

Police Simulator Patrol Officers Worth It 1

Published by the German company specializing in simulations Astragon Entertainment and developed by Aesir Interactive, Police simulator: patrol officers does exactly what it sounds like, delivering a simulation game where you play as a beat cop. I love simulators and while I couldn’t think of another that addresses such a lens, my expectations for this one were low. I expected something lacking in optimization, awkward, and painful to play. Surprisingly, this is not the case at all. But the question arises: is it Police simulator: patrol officers is it worth it in early access?

You choose from one of the many preset cops and are responsible for choosing your shift. At first, your options are few. You drop your cop off in a neighborhood, then start your shift. Each shift lasts for a standard working day which passes as you work. At first you are particularly limited and have to walk around looking for traffic violations. If you aren’t into the finer details of it, this isn’t the game for you.

For each shift, a specific task will earn you more points for the day. Your goal is to get these points as high as possible, while not making mistakes that reduce a separate point pool. For example, the first team gave me bonus points for writing parking tickets. You can write them down for expired licenses, expired parking meters (although this is actually a full-fledged job), parking in no-parking areas, or blocking fire hydrants.

Police Simulator Patrol Officers Worth It 2

Yes, you can write tickets for people exceeding the 1.5 mile speed limit. You jerk.

In classic sim mode, you are punished for mistakes. For example, if you coerce a car for something it didn’t do, you will lose points. As such, you really want to do your job by the book. There is more to Police simulator: patrol officers than writing tickets, however. Even in this setting, you can call in tow trucks to move cars, which also gives you points if warranted (you’ll still want to tow those cars past fire hydrants.) You can also stop and detain all NPCs. of the world. . This kind of sounds like a whole box of worms. There’s a surprising amount of stuff here, considering.

As you earn new points, you rank up and unlock new areas to patrol, as well as new features. At first you’ll unlock a radar gun, which doesn’t quite work like a real one. Finding that a car is exceeding the speed limit automatically takes a photo of its license plate if it is visible. Later, you’ll unlock a Patrol Car that you can drive, but only after you’ve unlocked all areas in a neighborhood. There are still some problems. Sometimes I got penalized even when I got it right. When writing a ticket for a car parked on the sidewalk, I was told that was not the case. But it’s early access, after all.

The biggest problem I have is that there is no saving in the middle of a shift. You have to do it all at once. If you have an accident or something like that, you’ll have to start this change over again. I would like there to be automatic backups or checkpoints. Also, if you get injured before the end of the day, the whole shift is lost which is annoying. Once I finished a shift and, coming back to the station, didn’t look both ways before crossing a street. I was hit by a car and had to restart it.

Police simulator patrol officers are worth it 3

Corn Police simulator: patrol officers looks and plays pretty well considering. The textures are in high resolution and the models are not as crazy as in similar games. Almost everything is working fine. At 1440p I was able to hover around 50-60 fps on a midrange card as well, so the performance is actually pretty solid. If you are one of the target audience for this game I would honestly say that yes it is worth it. It’s perfectly playable and has a solid loop that I think enthusiasts will appreciate.


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