The LankyBox Duo

The Lankybox is a YouTube channel with videos by the two best friends, Adam and Justin, who play Roblox. They create fun and humorous videos and parodies. They have even made music videos. One of their videos is called Chicken Wing, where they sing about chicken wings. Another video has Adam and Justin trying out Billie Eilish’s beauty products.

Their YouTube channel has over one million subscribers and has more than 19 billion views. Another popular video is Who Is SMARTER?, which has over 263 million views. Justin Kroma also has a personal account on Instagram, where he has more than nine thousand followers. These two accounts are popular for sharing their experiences and videos.

The LankyBox duo is comprised of two popular YouTubers, Justin Kroma and Adam McArthur. They frequently make fun of each other’s accents and English, and Adam’s long neck is often a target. The duo plays pranks on each other, and Justin gets very angry when Adam makes fun of him. The two are well-known in the United States and are popular on social media.

The Zero Budget Guys started the LankyBox World YouTube channel in early 2020, and it features Roblox reactions, vlogs, and funny reactions. Another YouTube channel, LankyBox Plays, started in 2021, features short gameplay videos and animated videos. Justin Kroma was born in 1995, under the zodiac sign of Capricorn.

The LankyBox duo also tries their hand at solving mystery riddles. Justin uses his brain power to answer the questions, and Adam is the player if his answer is wrong. As the winner, Justin plays a mystery game on a wheel. He also has a music video in which he raps about everyday problems. Examples include running out of milk, having bad internet connections, picking clothes, and having trouble choosing outfits. The LankyBox duo also challenges viewers to guess the prices of products on Amazon.

The LankyBox duo have gone viral on YouTube and have over 19 million subscribers on their YouTube channel. The channel has also become popular for their gaming videos. Its videos have over 200 million views and have a large number of subscribers. Its most popular video, “Who Is SMARTER?”, has garnered 263 million views.

Adam McArthur and Justin Kroma are friends who have a unique relationship. Justin is a good English speaker, while Adam has a long neck, which makes Adam laugh. They frequently make fun of each other. Their relationship is full of silliness, which is not to their liking. LankyBox is an iconic YouTube channel, which features amusing vlogs and short animations.

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