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Id Software is masters in its art and their focus has always been on developing high-end first-person shooter games since the 90s. Now, with help from Nightdive Studios, MachineGames and Bethesda, the original earthquake with previous expansions and new content making its way to consoles to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Surprisingly, earthquake holds up today, and this updated version could ignite a flame of possibility for a new title in the series (well, if you can ignore anything Tremor Champions was). It comes down to saying how authentic it still is under the graphic elevation.

earthquake looks clean and crisp on Sony’s latest-gen consoles, both at 1080p 60fps on the base machine and 4K 60fps on the Pro model. With the increase in resolution, textures and models have also been updated to complement the sharper image. The Options menu offers customizable graphics options, such as enabling or disabling various enhancements. Just being able to turn motion blur off right off the bat was a really good thing for me and if you’d rather make the game look even more like it was before, features like anti-aliasing and ambient occlusion. can also be disabled.


earthquake holds today, and this updated version could ignite a flame of possibility for a new title in the series. It is like saying how authentic it still is under the graphic elevation. “

The lighting is also better because it is more stretched and softer than before. But it’s still clearly earthquake, and that’s what will matter most to fans of the series. As a person with a fresh outlook, I appreciate the approach taken with this relaunch. There has been a lot of care and consideration for what has changed and how by id Software and Nightdive Studios that will ultimately appeal to fans. Bethesda and Co. say there will be a free update with the PlayStation 5 version allowing 4K at 120 hertz for compatible displays. However, this version is not only about visual enhancement, but its content is rich as well.

Aside from the two card packs of the original and Dimension of the past released for the title’s 20th anniversary, this 25th anniversary version adds Dimensions of the machine; a new set of cards designed by MachineGames. This expansion looks like the game, but goes above and beyond in terms of visuals. In addition to a free earthquake 64 add-on, consoles will also receive free mods in the future, giving the game surprising longevity on console. I’m glad Bethesda continues to allow mods from PC versions of games to appear in console versions.

earthquake brings crisp level layouts to the table and it’s safe to say they stand the test of time. This also applies to new maps, but as a newcomer I was challenged from the get-go with the maze-style maps. The later stages can be hard pills to swallow, but the idea of ​​just “one more try” kept me going. Each map has a number of enemies to kill, secrets and Easter eggs to find, and layered completion objectives that require very lateral thinking. Replayability is a strength of this collection, as each level is selectable from the start, allowing for fast-paced gameplay. Encouraging mastery is something the game excels at and is one of the game’s greatest strengths. Fortunately, the quality of the map design is complemented by a smooth and fast traversal.


earthquake brings crisp level layouts to the table and it’s safe to say they stand the test of time. “

earthquake requires a level of speed and knowledge of the map is important as the levels are twisted mazes that command memorization. It’s amazing how well designed the maps are, even though these levels don’t usually go beyond boxed rooms and hallways. On the surface, it doesn’t seem very complicated, but it’s the verticality above and below the ground floor that gives the layouts their variety. There are hidden areas after an underwater room or a hole in the wall above a platform that reveals a weapon or armor upgrade. It is a very simple but effective way to make navigation difficult, but rewarding.

Throughout each maze you will encounter a variety of creatures seeking to stand in your way. The AI ​​itself for enemies is also great for all difficulties. Enemies have multiple ways of stalking players, where each battle can feel like an elaborate dance as you dodge and zigzag through projectiles, lunge attacks, and more. Once I got used to the movement speed while battling various groups, that’s when the game really clicked with me, giving off a burst of excitement. Best of all, the arsenal of weapons to pick up also makes the gameplay exciting. Understand that the location of the enemy, weapon, and pickup doesn’t change when a map is reset. When deaths do occur, and they will, each attempt is another chance to take it further, creating an addicting game loop.

The implementation of sound design gives mixed results. Sample quality is high, but stereo is very inconsistent when using headphones. This makes spatial awareness a little difficult at times, and that’s vital for a title like this. This can be a side effect of applying the PlayStation 5’s audio engine to this PS4 title via backward compatibility, so take that with a grain of salt. Tastes vary of course, and everyone will be using different headphones and other devices, so this might work better for you. In my experience however, the sound design of this game was lacking. This aspect of the game seemed to be a product of its time compared to other elements.


“In my experience, the sound design was lacking. This aspect of the game seemed like a product of its time compared to other elements.”

earthquake on consoles and PC has an excellent cross-platform game implementation for multiplayer. Any platform can play with any other, which couldn’t be more positive. Fortunately, a Bethesda account is not required to play the solo offerings. The flexibility of who you can play with is a popular sight, especially on PlayStation platforms. One feature that this version lacks at launch is mouse and keyboard support. The menus for the feature exist but it is not yet implemented. Hopefully this will be enabled in the near future, as enabling cross play can be seen as an inherent disadvantage for console users. Under the Options menu, there are full sheep mapping and stick aiming options and an inverted look to help those who prefer controllers find what is right for them. Gyro sighting is also available for this port.

There are plenty of multiplayer maps out there and the pace of the matches is fast which really adds to its fun factor. The cards are tight as the weapons and microphones have set collection points in abundance, making memorization even more important than before. Even though the time to kill is high in my experience, knowing exactly where to go for additional ammo, health, or armor is very valuable. Knowledge of the card is just as important, if not more, than skilled shooting in my opinion.

Deathmatch is the only mode on offer that is a welcome, albeit straightforward and straightforward approach to multiplayer. Not adding modes from sequels might just spoil the authenticity of this release. This one knows what he wants and must be. Nothing won or won by winning or losing, which made me want to play more and more. Players can either join an already established lobby, create one, or queue up to be randomly matched with others.


the earthquake The 2021 upgraded port brings a fresh coat of paint and new content. The multiplayer makes it easy and the weapon lighting is awkward, but the matches are fast paced and the maps are well designed across the board. “

While the cards are plentiful, varied, and cross-play is definitely a plus, it’s hard on the eyes in tense fights. In this mode, regardless of the clarity of the updated effect, most firearms emit a yellow light effect depending on the rate of fire of that weapon. The light is wide enough to become a distraction when trying to finish off opponents. This is something that single player modes luckily don’t see.

the earthquake The 2021 upgraded port brings a fresh coat of paint and new content. Multiplayer makes it easy and weapon lighting is awkward, but matches are fast paced and maps are well designed across the board. There are some aspects of audio that don’t quite affect the brand. This release brings longevity to the table, opening the door for community-created content to come to consoles. Created by an excellent set of developers including id Software, Nightdive Studios, MachineGames, and Bethesda, it’s still the definitive way to play one of the classic FPS titles that paved the way for modern franchises. Hopefully this leads to more in the franchise.

The PS4 version of the game has been tested on PlayStation 5 via backward compatibility.

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