Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart Guide – How to Get Infinite Health and Unlimited Ammo, and Gold Bolt Locations


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Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart has a number of different secrets and unlocks, not to mention all of the different Easter Eggs and referrals. Gold Bolts are your ticket to unlocking new mutators like mirror mode and head size, as well as wrench, hammer, and ship cosmetics, among others. But they can also be used for real tricks that will give combat advantage.

There’s Infinite Health, which is unlocked by collecting 23 Gold Bolts, and Unlimited Ammo, unlocked by collecting 24 Gold Bolts. The best part is that you will still earn Weapon XP with the Unlimited Ammo Cheat enabled which will make it easier to level them up. While the locations of all of the collectibles have been covered in this guide, find out how to collect all of the Gold Bolts specifically in the PowerPyx video below.

Here is the number of Gold Bolts on each planet:

  • Nefarious City – 3 golden bolts
  • Sargassum – 3 golden bolts
  • Zurkie’s Battleplex – 3 Gold Bolts
  • Savali – 3 golden bolts
  • Blizar Prime – 3 Gold Bolts
  • Torren IV – 2 golden bolts
  • Cordelion – 3 gold bolts
  • Ardolis – 2 golden bolts
  • Viceron – 3 golden bolts

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