Sang-Chul: North Korea Will Inspire You to Pray For Christians in Persecution

Christians from around the world are suffering persecution because of their faith. In North Korea, Christians face the possibility of death for talking about God or sharing the Good News of Jesus. Some people have even been “disappeared” by the government. But how does this persecution differ from what Christians in other countries experience?

The film Sang-chul: North Korea gives us a rare glimpse into a Christian community advancing inside the world’s most secretive nation. Because Christians in North Korea are considered enemies of the state, it’s a mortal sin to own a Bible. Even mentioning God’s name to a neighbor could mean death for the entire family. Despite the danger, one man’s efforts to spread the gospel led to a dramatic and moving story.

SANG-CHUL: North Korea is a powerful film that will inspire you to pray for the persecuted Christians of North Korea. The film follows the true story of Pastor Han, who was killed by agents of the North Korean government in China. The film features the words and images of two people who died under similar circumstances.

Sang-chul had traveled between China and North Korea many times and was always accompanied by a pastor named Han. This pastor told Sang-chul that he was a Christian. However, he was also taught that Christian missionaries were terrorists. They would pretend to be friendly to lure you into their homes and kill you.

Sang-chul, a North Korean refugee, grew up in a religiously diverse family. His grandmother was involved with a variety of Korean religious groups. He developed a deep interest in religious questions from an early age. Sang-chul’s mother and grandparents were both active in the church.

Sang-Chul is a tall, slender man who has similar physical attributes to Kousuke Hirahara. He has light blue eyes and pale skin. His blonde hair has a low fade and a long fringe. His mannerisms are similar to that of his father, but he is unenthusiastic about the work he does.

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