Scary Movie 2 Review

After the success of Scary Movie, the sequel was rushed to production in a mere nine months, about half the normal time for a Hollywood production in 2000-2001. The production’s rush made Wayans swear never to make another sequel. The movie also lacks a standard soundtrack, instead featuring hip hop and rap music, rock, and techno.

The original movie, which had a parody of the horror movie “Scream,” drew in over $160 million at the box office. This was enough to get Miramax to greenlight the sequel, but the result was an unwatchable, unfunny movie. The storyline is confusing, the jokes are juvenile, and Chris Elliot’s character is completely unlikable.

Scary Movie 2 follows a group of “teens” who end up in a haunted house. Their host Professor Oldman, a scientist who has a special interest in paranormal activity, convinces them to stay. One of the residents of the house, Master Hugh Kane, has been dead for ages, but he still spends time with Alex Monday, Tori Spelling, and the others. The haunted house is full of apocalyptic horrors, including a giant slug who slithers through the walls and eats the bodies of humans.

The sequel features a more mature Alex. She is a career college student, who had a relationship before college, but broke up with him because he had a restraining order against her. Although she seems mentally disturbed, she is desperate for any kind of relationship. In fact, her first relationship was a very traumatic experience for her.

Kane’s ghost is also a big problem for Alex and his girlfriends, but she has a plan to make things right. She wears ghost-sensitive goggles, and goes in search of him. She eventually finds him and confronts him. But Kane isn’t a coward, and his ghost is very aggressive.

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