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There is a large contingent of people who absolutely adore the As Lawyer series, which has been following her avidly for years – or at least when Capcom allowed it. You see, despite his devoted fans, As Lawyer remains a niche franchise, all things considered, which means that its games often don’t release in the West until at least a few months after their Japanese releases, while there are even a few installments that just never released. outside of Japan. For a series that doesn’t mass sell like something like, say, resident Evil By the way, it’s easy to see why Capcom doesn’t consider it a priority, especially given the monumental effort it takes to locate each of the text-rich games in the visual novel series.

Among the games that have never been released in the West, two are The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures and The Great Ace Attorney 2: Solve, a prequel spinoff takes place in Victorian London (and partly Meiji-era Japan) more than a century before the events of the first game in the series. Fans have been clamoring for years for these games to be localized, especially given their compelling premise, when many have even taken it upon themselves to do the job Capcom wouldn’t do with in-depth (and really good) fan translations. . Now, however, years after the original releases of both games, Capcom has introduced the pair to Western audiences in a single package, calling them The Chronicles of the Grand As prosecutor– and luckily, the duology turned out to be worth the wait.

Years after the original releases of both games, Capcom introduced the pair to Western audiences in a single package, calling them The Chronicles of the Grand As prosecutor– and luckily, the duology turned out to be worth the wait. “

In the Grand Ace Avocado games, you play as Ryunosuke Naruhodo in the late 19th century, a novice lawyer and ancestor of Phoenix Wright himself, who travels from Japan to England to hone his legal skills. This period setting is easily one of the greatest strengths of these Games. Victorian London comes to life beautifully and serves as a charming and immersive setting, with vibrant artistic design, great soundtrack, and lovingly crafted 3D models doing a lot of big work. More importantly, both games consistently make intelligent use of the social, technological, and cultural characteristics of the era in ways that are always interesting in history and cases.

Things like gas meters or the beatings of Victorian-era London cops or the lack of forensic technology are not only highlighted to add greater flavor to the setting and time of the games, but also serve crucial elements that entire cases and parts of the story often revolve around. As a result, the Grand Ace Avocado the games end up creating an identity of their own that feels very distinct from the other games in the series. As Lawyer Fans will of course find a lot of things familiar here, from the general mechanics to the gleefully silly humor to the over-the-top general nature of the games, but with proper use of its period setting, the duology ends up striking the perfect balance of feel. freshness and familiarity.

No surprise for a As Lawyer game, the cast of characters here is also absolutely delicious. Creative art design and wonderfully detailed animations for each character, plus smart handwriting that’s brimming with that hallmark As Lawyer humor, help bring each of them to life in an excellent way, infusing them all with tons of personality and helping them stand out in memory no matter what major or minor role they play in the story. Ryunosuke Naruhodo is an excellent protagonist, his legal assistant Susato Mikotoba is a loyal and capable companion, acclaimed Japanese novelist Natsume Soseki is an endearing mess of a person, while prosecutor Barok Van Zieks is a formidable (and fittingly on) -up- rival of Ryunosuke.

the chronicles of the great ace procurator

“No surprise for a As Lawyer game, the cast of characters here is absolutely delicious. “

Best of all is Sherlock Holmes (referred to here as Herlock Sholmes so Capcom can avoid copyright disputes), which is introduced early on in the first game and continues to dominate every scene it finds itself in. Holmes (or Sholmes) is portrayed quite interestingly. here he keeps the cocky, confident, and charismatic character that you would expect from the character, but quite often he’s full of hot hair. Watching him make hilarious deductions out of base or stupidly frolic with little to no self-awareness (though others around him continue to be in awe of his brilliant powers of deduction, which clearly aren’t that brilliant) is easily one of the highlights of the experience.

One of the new central mechanics that the Grand Ace Avocado the duology present in the formula of the series, in fact, revolves around Sholmes. From time to time in the course of investigations he makes series of inferences based on his “insightful” observations in typical Sherlock Holmes fashion, but many of his observations are in error and his inferences, as such, are inaccurate. It is incumbent on you in these scenarios to make your own observations and make slight corrections to Sholmes’ deductions in order to come to a more precise conclusion. These sections aren’t the most difficult (a general lack of challenge is a problem with both games, actually), but thanks to a neat presentation and clever little twists and narrative reveals, they’re still enjoyable and satisfying.

Beyond Sholmes’ deductions and Ryunosuke’s course corrections following these deductions, The Chronicles of the Grand As prosecutor adds another interesting element to the formula of the series in the form of juries. We have seen juries in As Lawyer games before (to a certain extent), but in the Grand Ace Avocado games, they are a much more fundamental part of business and directly influence the outcome of litigation. From time to time, juries may make decisions that are not in your favor, after which it is your responsibility to change your mind during summons reviews so that the trial can proceed.

the chronicles of the great ace procurator

“Some of the best cases of As Lawyer history is found in this duology, with The great ace attorney 2 especially by delivering a constant stream of intricate and captivating mysteries. “

Summons reviews work much like cross-examinations of testimony, which means that your main job is to support each juror on their reasoning for their verdict. Your ultimate goal, however, is to pit one juror’s statement against that of another he contradicts, in order to highlight inconsistencies and point out flaws in their reasoning. Mechanically, it’s a nice twist on the cross-examination mechanics, and does just enough to stand out and allow it to have its own place in the experience rather than feeling like an unnecessary addition. Meanwhile, both games also do a great job of making sure enough new details and reveals come to light during these summons exams so that the trials don’t feel like they’re at a standstill, which means there is a constant momentum forward. Above all, they add a bit of variety to the trials which is good as some trials can be quite long at times.

The quality of the cases in both games is also excellent. There are ten episodes in total, five each in both games, and the cases range from solid to downright spectacular. Both games are full of these “aha!” moments that As Lawyer is so well known, and slowly taking each mystery apart piece by piece and watching the puzzles gradually fall into place is extremely satisfying. While there are a couple of cases here that maybe hang around a bit too long or fail to generate interest during some segments, the vast majority of cases in both games deserve a lot of praise. Some of the best cases in As Lawyer history is found in this duology, with The great ace attorney 2 especially by delivering a constant stream of intricate and captivating mysteries.

There is, of course, a larger narrative thread running through each episode, and while it does take a while to get started, it plays out flawlessly. Of the two games, the first largely serves as a setup for its sequel, establishing its world and characters and laying the groundwork for several crucial story arcs and plot points. As such, it seems slower, with its strong cast of characters doing the heavy lifting. The great ace attorney 2, However, it almost doesn’t take long to get started, and from the start it starts to gain momentum. Mysteries are solved, questions are asked and answered, issues are raised and truly surprising revelations are revealed. Collectively, the two games tell an amazing story and tell it very well. Some inconsistencies do pop up here and there, but most of them are pretty minor and don’t really detract from the larger plot in any meaningful way.

the chronicles of the great ace procurator

“Collectively, the two games tell an incredible story, and tell it very well. “

The Chronicles of the Grand As prosecutor is a delight for As Lawyer fans who have been waiting for the release of these games in the West for years. Considering its nature as a prequel spin-off set over a century before the first game, it’s also a great entry point for newcomers to the series. In total, I spent over 60 hours on the duology, and had a wonderful time from start to finish. It’s been a long wait, but The great ace attorney absolutely worth all those years of anticipation.

This game has been tested on the Nintendo Switch.

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