Catching Fire and Blood Rain

This winter has brought the hottest temperatures on record for Britain, and the risk of wildfires has increased. The hot weather has been caused by southern winds from Africa whipping Saharan dust high into the atmosphere. This dust can turn rain red or orange. It can also create streaky brown marks on cars.

The phenomenon of blood rain has been documented in various cultures for many centuries. Homer’s Iliad, for instance, mentions a scene of Zeus making blood rain in the sky as a warning before battle. In the 14th century, it was believed that a blood rain sounded the arrival of the black plague in Germany. By the late eighteenth century, scientists were attempting to discover what caused blood rain. They found that the reddish colour of the rain could be caused by dust or spores suspended in water. Other possible explanations include the influence of auroras or sunspots.

Some of the scenes in Catching Fire are set in District 12. The Quarter Quell arena is a big part of the story, which is where Katniss returns after she wins the Hunger Games. This is where the film’s most intense scenes take place. It’s also where the movie’s title takes place.

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