Top 10 Best Ios Emulators for Retro gaming (IPhones) in 2021


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  1. What are retro games?
  2. What are the best retro game consoles for iOS devices?
  3. GBA4ios
  4. iSSB
  6. Equipment boy
  7. Retro arch
  8. Origin
  9. GC4ios
  10. INDS
  11. Dolphin OS
  12. happy chick

Are you here to play retro games on your ios device? Then you have come to the right place, here in this article we will show you the 10 best emulators available for ios devices that anyone can download and install.

Ios devices are solid like we compare to other devices, it easily runs many different apps like emulators and other great retro games.

Most of you don’t have the consoles we used to play anymore, so now we can easily install third-party emulators to run these games on your Ios device.

What are retro games?

Retro games are basically old school games that were famous in older generation consoles, games that don’t have high graphics and are playable on simple hardware which is the retro controller.

Most guys still love to play retro games no matter if you have the next gen consoles, retro games are always fun.

Now here you will see all emulators which can be run on ios device (newest) without jailbreaking your iPhone.

What are the best retro game consoles for iOS devices?

Here is a list of game emulators which can be downloaded and installed in order to run retro games on your iPad / iPhone.

  • GBA4ios
  • iSSB
  • Gearboy
  • Retro arch
  • Origin
  • GC4ios
  • INDS
  • Dolphin OS
  • happy chick


GBA 4 ios

GBA4ios is the first ios emulator which was published and developed by Riley Testut which is an amazing emulator which can easily run your favorite retro games smoothly. The emulator is very easy to use and gives you amazing performance.

This emulator can also run GBC and GB games, which gives this emulator the advantage of running it. Also, the emulator is able to give us features like –

  • Help with cheat codes
  • IPad optimization
  • AirPlay
  • Dropbox sync
  • Multiplayer support
  • Controller Skins
  • URL scheme
  • GBC and GB assistance
  • Dropbox Support


issb emulator

The iSSB emulator, called Super Smash Bros emulator, is another interesting ios game emulator developed by Luis Finkle and able to run only Super Smash Bros on ios without any difficulty.

iSSB supports devices above ios 5 or above which is the minimum required to run this emulator. Allow only the Smash brothers to run, in this game there are five different stages, and the game also allows multiplayer battles via Bluetooth.

This emulator is readily available for group play, you can play it in group and practice mode and have a good time with your friends because the game is really awesome and works well.


psspp ios

PPSSPP is a very famous emulator, which is also available for most of the devices. It supports devices like – Android, ios and Windows. This emulator is capable of almost all games through its software. Very easy to download and install.

The PPSSPP can run games on its best graphics available and gives you amazing quality gaming experience that you will not miss. It is also capable of running high end games and some of the latest games released for iOS and Android at the same time.

It has millions of followers all over the world, but as smartphones become more and more powerful, they are quickly replacing this type of video console.

Equipment boy

Gearboy ios

Same as PPSPP, Gear Boy is also an open source ios emulator which is available for easy playing on ios devices. GearBoy is a GameBoy and GameBoy Color emulator that emulates all Nintendo GameBoy games, bringing back childhood memories.

The gearboy emulator is very fast in response. This GearBoy emulator is able to emulate precise playing instructions, timing and LCD controls, as well as save your game.

This emulator is developed by Ignacio Sanchez and also supports devices like – All operating systems including iOS, Windows, Linux, macOS and Raspberry Pi are supported by this emulator.

Retro arch

retro arch ios

Retro arch is a huge company that provides emulators, game engines, and media players. With the retro arch, you can run any old fashioned retro game on your ios as well as other devices like – Windows, MAC OS etc.

The emulator has a super user-friendly interface, and there is no need for custom configuration if you want it for consoles. It is the most popular emulator which is available for most of the supported devices.

Shaders, netplay, rewind, next frame reaction times, runahead, machine translation, and blind accessibility features are some of the advanced features of RetroArch.


ios from origin

Another open source project as well as a published project, which is actually good to use. Provenance is a device emulator for iPhone and iPad. And it was designed to emulate the Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, and Game Gear.

Regarding the ios versions, the old version of Provenance as usual requires ios7 + but the newer version which is more optimized requires ios 9. Likewise, no jailbreak or Apple ID is required to download and install Provenance Emulator .

It is a simple process to download and install this emulator for your iOS devices as it does not require any jailbreak or payment. This emulator is available for free from third-party app stores such as TweakBox, Apps4iPhone, and iOSEmus.


gc4ios emulator

GC4iOS is a Nintendo Wii and GameCube emulator that allows you to play Nintendo Wii and GameCube games on your iPhone or iPad. GC4ios is called Gamecube Emulator and can run Gamecube games.

With this wonderful GC4iOS emulator, you will get your best gaming experience from childhood. This emulator is very smooth to run and free from some errors that occur while playing the game.

Download this excellent emulator which will give you a ton of fun while playing games with precise game controls and background sound.


iNDS ios

iNDS which belongs to the support of intendo DS applications for iOS, nds4ios and Nitrogen. This emulator works at high speed from supported devices iPhone 5 or ios 7+ and above. This emulator is only missing for much older devices. Devices with less than 256MB of RAM are not supported.

On your iPhone / iPad, you can play all types of Nintendo DS games supported by iNDS. This emulator can be easily run on non-jailbroken devices. INDS Emulator is a universal emulator for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Likewise, there is no need for jailbreak or payment.

Finally, just add ROM files and play your favorite Nintendo DS games on your iPhone after installation.

Dolphin OS

dolphin os ios

Dolphin is the first Nintendo Wii emulator to be compatible with iOS devices. It supports all types of devices, no matter what device you own, jailbroken as well as non-jailbroken, all are supported with this emulator.

The emulator supports iOS 8.0+ (or higher) and 80MB of disk or storage space. so if you have older device than this, this emulator will not work for you.

happy chick

happy chick

happy Chick is a simple emulator that doesn’t require any kind of complex operations for installation. it is very easy to install and use. Happy Chick contains a lot of retro games in number that you had played in your childhood

Play games to record and share your favorite gaming moments with an exclusive emulator that supports arcade and PSP games with online multiplayer.

These were the best ios game emulators which are very useful if you want to play retro games without jailbreaking the device. So get yourself a best emulator from the list and play!

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