Twelve Minutes Guide – How to Get All Endings


Twelve minutes, Luis Antonio’s narrative adventure thriller, is quite entertaining, but it can be hard to tell when it ends. In total, there are six different endings to unlock and each has its own unique requirements and achievements. Let’s take a look at all of them here. Spoilers follow of course, so turn around unless you want the mystery knot ruined.

The first ending is pretty easy. Just wait and your wife will ask you to sit with her on the sofa. She will start talking about various things, wanting more in life than how you would feel if she had an affair (just live with it) and eventually bring up her past. This is when she will discuss the mistakes she made and go to the bathroom to get something back. From there, she will invite you out. Simply walk to the front door to unlock the ending and the “Listen” achievement.

In a new loop, be sure to interact with the book your wife is reading. She will tell you a passage that will be extremely important for the final ending.

For the second ending, grab a cup from the kitchen sink and go to the bathroom. Close the door, take out some sleeping pills and put them inside. Fill the kitchen sink with water and give it to your wife (but make sure you do this before she has her own cup of water). Eventually, she will fall asleep and lie down. Then go to the bathroom, open the ventilation duct and look for the pocket watch. Take it and go to the closet to hide.

Eventually, the cop will break in and go to your room. By pressing the switch, he will be knocked out and knocked unconscious. Use his zippered handcuffs to restrain him, but make sure you don’t take anything else off. Once done, wait for him to wake up and tell him that you are innocent. Follow his instructions. Eventually, he’ll come out of the room, ask you to call 911 and then leave. This unlocks the second ending and the “Coward” achievement.

For the third ending, you’ll need to follow the exact same steps as the second ending, until you tie up the cop. This time, you’ll want to take the phone out of its pocket, open it, and select the text message icon. Select a message from Bumblebee, the cop’s daughter, then call her phone number – we’ll remember that later. Start a new loop and go to the closet. Check the area marked “Clothing” and look at the bag to pull out a phone. Call Bumblebee and choose the option related to why his dad is doing all this. She will answer that she spoke to him, then hang up.

Go talk to your wife and accept dessert. Help set the table and during dinner, when a song is on the radio, ask for a dance. Finally, she will give you a gift containing baby clothes. Click on it in the inventory. You will hear the elevator outside, then the cop answering his phone. Once he’s gone, your wife will discuss the baby. Tell her everything will be fine, then dance with her (if she says you look different, tell her you love her). Wait until the time runs out and you have obtained the third ending with the achievement “Groundhog”.

For the fourth ending, go to the closet and call Bumblebee. Tell him your wife is innocent and the cop doesn’t have the whole story. Go talk to your wife and tell her the truth. Choose one of the dialogue options that appear, then tell them you’ll take responsibility for it and confess. Go to the bathroom and get the pocket watch in the vent. After the cop rings the doorbell (after talking to his daughter on the phone), let your wife open the door. The cop will approach you – admit the crime. He will then ask for the watch and leave, prompting your wife to ask you to leave. Go through the door to unlock the fourth ending and the “Confessed” achievement.

The fifth ending is a little weird but pretty straightforward. Once your wife is out of the bathroom, come in. Make sure you close the door, otherwise she will come out of the apartment and ruin everything. Open the vent under the medicine cabinet with the keys to your house and collect the pocket watch. Watch it until a cutscene triggers. He will see the protagonist sitting in a chair with his father talking to him. There are two key options to consider here – choose “Maybe we better not be together” and the scene will end, earning the “Alone” achievement. Note that you must have learned the name of your wife’s nanny before doing all of these steps.

We then come to the sixth and final ending. After choosing Continue, exit the elevator and head to your apartment door. Use your house keys to open it and you will find the apartment empty. Go to the bathroom and get the pocket watch. Instead of looking at him again, slide the big hand up to about two minutes before 12. Let it count down until you’re back with your dad in his office. This time, before you choose anything, you’ll see the same book your wife was reading, just sitting on the shelf behind you.

Interact with him to tell a passage. This will lead your dad to speak up and come up with a “third” choice. Don’t do anything, or even select “I change my mind” and the sixth ending is yours. To play the game after that, you will have to start over from the very beginning. For more details on the game, check out our official review here.

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